Joining RM with police cautions

Hi, last summer i was at a student festival after my exams, was drunk with some friends and in a drunken mood some of my friends were offered some cocaine and as we were pissed this seemed like a good idea too me aswell :( Anyway it did the rounds and as it got to me, before i took any i was spotted by a security guard and taken to site security. The security took all the necessary steps to make sure i wasnt dealing like searching my tent ect (which i complied with 100% as i know i was in the wrong) and were going to let me off as it was clearly a mistake at a student festival where people were waling around in states i had never seen before but a particular security guard decided to make and example of me. Police were called and took me to the station where i received an instantly spent caution. The officer even said himself i was unlucky to of been taken this far as he had seen far worse but my case had to be delt with as it was reported. I know the people who read this will frown upon what happened but no matter what you say it will not make me feel any worse and worried as i have been the last few months. I mearley seek advice, please no comments in regards to how stupid i am etc as i already know, and believe me ive beaten myself up more on this subject that any of you lot could. (well maybe not) Just need to know if a class A caution will bar me from entry to the RM? Passed everything in application process so far and interview in 2 weeks. I will tell my careers advisor upon interview but would like a rough idea of what to expect.

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Just gen up on forty five, forty two and four zero commando and you'll be fine. Go for it, dont take no sh1t from those washed up old fcukers in the AFCO's.
From vast amounts of research on subjects similar the RM wouldn't want anyone who has wronged in the eyes of the law leading men on the battle field.. also those men probably wouldn't want to be led by someone who has offended in the eyes of the law. From what i gather in research the Royal Marines are the Elite of the Biritish core and only accept the best even for PRMC trials.


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Onward Christian soldiers marching on to war.........

Sorry, had a sex wee moment.

(Dont believe everything you read, the Corps does like people who can think for themselves, also, 7 pull ups isn't clever.)
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Dont wanna sound like im digging for an answer but how would i get gened up with the commando groups prior to passing the interview stage? And does this mean it wont effect my chances? just i read somthing that clearly states "(II) Any offence relating to the use of Class A drugs." is an instant bar from entry? Would i fall into this field or is there a possibility that my previous qualifications and education will outweigh the mistakes i made?

I have to confess that this sounds a little odd. I would have thought that, if you had been applying to be an Officer and then suddenly changed your mind, your CA would have enquired as to why and then you would have mentioned the Caution, but you say that he/she doesn't know about it yet.
Tell it like it happened to your Careers Adviser. Be upfront and honest and how you feel about it now. Don't sugar coat the story or waffle your way through it. If you're honest, your Careers Adviser will appreciate it. Make sure you are brilliant during your selection interview and do NOT say you want to be a private. You want to be a potential Royal Marine. If you have any paperwork with regard to the alleged offence then take it with you. Let your performance at interview sell what you have. If as you say, you were cautioned you might be okay. If it carries any rehabilitation period with it in accordance with the Rehab of Offenders Act 1974 your Careers Adviser will advise you. Also, get you story right about why you do not want to be an officer. Careers Advisers are not "washed up old fcukers"as described by one person on this site. Good Luck D.
@Soleil Well the full story is i applied to join the marines, went to festival, .... happened, phoned careers office as regards it. Went in for application and person i spoke to created me a new file at the AFCO's (i have no idea what this entails but this was when i changed to apply as private instead of officer) Filled out MoD form relating to Convictions and ticked no (as i dont have any convictions) After that i havent been to my AFCO's since aptitude and psychometric tests as my medical was held at a private doctors..
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It takes two pages before I'm rumbled....

I must of skipped the rank of private, can I make a complaint?
Fark orf, that lofty pinacle of achievement is reserved for real sojers like Blackrat and Ageing Gracefully, saddos like us have to make do with Mne.:slow:

Methinks the Young Ripsnorter (literally) OP may have to do a bit more research prior to his interview if he wants to impress after his confession session.
Not like you NS not to give a direct answer to a query...

Dideridoodo, you've received some good advice about preparing well for your interview; do some research on the RM's rank structure, you'll struggle to fine Private listed...

WB, pull ups are for beefers...

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