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Hi, first poster here,

I’m 18 and looking to join RM as an officer. I applied last year and passed all way up to POC, which I passed physically and well, but was told to return in a year(was planning on taking 2) to try again after gaining life experience.

I got my A-level results today and am under par by 8 UCAS points, at 64 rather than 72.

Is it worth trying to re-apply as an officer as I seem to have given a good example of myself, despite the academic drawback?

Thank you!


To be brutally honest, no I wouldn’t. You will be up against people of whom the majority will be 21+ with far more life experience, leadership credentials, maturity and have actually met the educational requirements.

If you did well on the POC why not apply as an other rank, spend some time as a Marine then apply for a Corps Commission? You would then enter YO training with a lot more relevant experience than your peers plus a far better understanding of how to manage marines in your troop.

You could always resit one of your A Levels and try and boost up your points but I don’t know how the points tally up to grades anymore I’m afraid.

Perhaps university and joining an UOTC would also be of some benefit but I really think you need the correct UCAS points regardless of further education.


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There are no waivers of the UCAS requirement for RM Officers unfortunately, so it's up to the individual whether they wish to gain the qualifications but be aware a degree is not accepted in lieu of A Levels (Level 3 quals). About 80- 85% of RMYOs are graduates.

As you are probably aware, a POC pass is accepted in lieu of a PRMC pass and remains valid for 12-months.

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