Joining RM after hip replacement

Any folk on here qualified to tell me the odds of joining the RM Commandos after getting a hip replacement? Not for me but my mate who is in his 20s and still runs/cycles/hikes like crazy. Had it done 2 years ago.
Best person to advise is AngryDoc who will no doubt be doing a Rum Ration ward round over the next few days.

Why did your mate have to have this done?
He was in a car accident as a teenager which messed up the alignment of his hip, leading to unusual wear and tear. You wouldn't believe it given how active he is.
What Soleil said, plus here's a link to Ninja_Stokers (An AFCO recruiter in the real world.) guide to medical standards....
About half way in the first section are Musculoskeletal issues, which your oppo would be checked on.
Although it doesn't mention joint replacement there, it will obviously be a concern if there is a predispodition to problems in that area.


The odds are nil I'm afraid. Joint replacement in major load-bearing joint like the hip - not a chance of entry to any Service, not just RM. The risk of complications (eg fracture near the replacement) is high, plus as he is young he will likely need a re-replacement done at some stage in the next 15-20 years.

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