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Discussion in 'RFA' started by scotty6959, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Howdy all,
    I just been told im starting BRNC in September, and as this is not a million miles away i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on thing i need to square away or non-issue kit i need to get that might take a while to sort out?
    Also any other pointers would be most greatfully recieved.

  2. Hi Scotty
    I start at BRNC too on 23rd September. You getting jittery? Only 6 weeks away now and info a little slow to trickle through so my invite letter for the induction mid-September, you got yours yet?
  3. Guys I ljust finished BRNC as a Deck Cadet (and won best cadet award brag brag) PM me your emails or numbers and Ill give you as much help as I can 2/O Townsend is an absolutely fantastic D/O and will help you loads but if you want info straight from the horses mouth Im happy to help.
  4. Hey thanks MotleyBlue, you can email me at [email protected]. Would you mind giving me an overview of what RFA cadets get up to at Dartmouth? Ive seen a bit about RN officers, but obviously our course is shorter so cant contain as much. Also im ex-army and was wondering about using some of my own own kit for the outdoors bit, is it worthwhile or will i just draw attention to myself? Again as our course is shorter, do we have a different kit list? Ive only seen RN version. Ta much.

    Silverfox84, no not yet, i just found out a few days ago im going. I got accepted last year but had to pospone for a bit to sort out some personal issues, hence the 'all of a sudden' situation im in now.
    Yeah im getting nervous now, are you deck or engine? I emailed my recruitment officer with concerns about lack of info, and she said just to relax and take things as they come.
    Let me know of any info/dramas you have, two heads and all that.
    Cheers mate
  5. hello, I will be your course tutor at BRNC.I can assure you that the joining instructions for the BRNC will be posted out very shortly, they are all printed I am awaiting some details which is why they have not been sent yet.Hopefully you have had an email about the induction day and if so my email address is in there to ask any questions.
  6. The RFA course is an 8 week course. The first week is an induction to the college. The rest is split between academic lectures, seamanship, fitness and leadership training with a final leadership exercise in week 7 of the course. if you speak to MotleyBlue as the last winner of best course student he can give you good info on the day to day things to help get you through.It is an enjoyable course and all the info will be out soon. Any questions can be emailed or phoned in, also the induction day will explain a lot.
  7. Correct, it isn’t a million miles away, without crossing water 700 ish miles is about as far away as you could get, if you are thinking of becoming a navigation officer this isn’t a bad start, though you will have to narrow your estimates down a tad, and drop the “howdy” ahoy would be more in line with your future career aspirations
  8. "Howdy" is entirely appropriate when addressing a bunch of cowboys. ;)
  9. This forum is really helpful, cheers everyone for contributing, and also to RFA at BRNC too its appreciated!

    Scotty, I am Yes mate, will keep you informed too.

    And cheers to MotleyBlue for the valuable info.

    The adjective "rewarding" seems to used a lot when describing BRNC, which is good as thats why I am joining the RFA...cant wait!
  10. Im engineering mate, but im sure we can get along, ha ha.
    In my experience, the word "rewarding" applied to a military course means you'll be miserable during it, its only afterwards you lok back and enjoy it. Im sure it'll be character building though, ha ha.
  11. Hi guys, I'm another one. I'll be training for the Deck branch. I look forward to meeting you both next month. I'm staying at the Townstal Farmhouse Hotel which is pretty reasonable and looks to be a short walk from the main gate.
  12. Hi Ian, we have two things in common! I'm deck too and I am also staying at the Townstal. Looking forward to it all, you prepared? (Can you ever be fully prepared??!!)
  13. You guys will be fine, boots will be posted out next weeks, make sure you break them in.
  14. I'm keeping my eye on the forums hoping j get through! You guys staying at the local hotel, do you not live on base during basic training?
  15. You stay at BRNC during initial training but in a hotel the night before the inductuon day, if anyone needs a hotel I reccomend hill view house cheapo clean and a great breakfast. Must echo what RFA at BRNC says, break your boots in, not just a bit but a lot, get some decent sock on and walk and walk untill they are compfortable or on week to your feet will be broken and you will not enjoy BLD.
  16. Why have I not seen this thread before! I've been scouring all over the forums for people going to Dartmouth this Sep :p I'm staying in the caprita, will anyone be attending the "informal meet and greet"? :)
  17. My apologies if this has been done before, I did try a search. I also appreciate that this should be a question for the RN Careers Office so please bear with me.

    Distilled Junior is looking at a RFA Cadetship, but doesn't have the required grades at GCSE. He is likely however to do well at A Level, so the question is would good A Levels mean that his GCSE results are not important in regards to joining the the RFA, or are they absolute?
  18. If he had a Master but had rubbish GCSE they will rejected him if he was going in has a officer, I know I think it's bullshit but they got way to filter people but don't quote me could have changed.

    Best to call @Ninja_Stoker, I know not actual his area but I believe worked/work in recruitment office
  19. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The RFA is not known for their flexibility on GCSEs. An AFCO would not help with your answer as they just provide support with the recruitment test. Tell junior to contact the rfa recruitment team to be told yay or nay.
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