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Hello all,

I've gleaned a great deal of info from this forum, from discussions, pm's and by following links etc, so time to contribute something that hopefully will help others.

Much of the laser eye surgery discussions on here are several years old, when procedures were in their infancy, so here's my experience from 2017. Please bear in mind that laser eye surgery is dealt with on a case by case basis.

I'm in the process of applying to rejoin, had LASIK in 2003 (after leaving the mob), current eyesight is VA1 in both eyes, but had to provide details of the surgery I had. Luckily I was able to provide documentary proof of my prescription pre-surgery (which must be within the limits for entry into your particular branch), plus signed documentation that I have had no further problems.

Capita referred me back to the RN who decided that as 14 yrs have passed, my eyesight is clearly stable (being VA1 and in my 40's), I am passed fit for re-entry into the Logs branch.

One piece of advice, get the surgery and all follow up documentation before being asked for it. Despite mentioning the surgery to the optician in June, and to the triage nurse in July, I didn't know I had to provide it until the full medical in September. It took exactly 2 more months to get clearance.

Hope this helps anyone in future reading this.
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