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Hi guys,

I hope this was the right place to put this question , was wondering if someone may be able to give me some help. I'm planning on joining the RN in 5 months time after i finish school (Hope to go in as CT) ive done quite a lot of research into careers etc and have known since i was quite young that it what i wanted to do.

But there are quite a few questions that i still have , i know the navy will need a reference from my school and that is the part i'm am slightly worried about , my time at school hasn't exactly been fantastic ... I've been excluded for 5 days, twice for silly reasons (missed detentions repeatedly etc , not too big). My attendance and grades are good 11 A*-C & 98% attendance , and was wondering if the exclusions would have a major impact on my chances of joining the RN.

Also i know that a career in CT is quite hush so cannot find much information on it apart from the basics, so if some may be able to give me a little bit more information it would be appreciated.



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You're advised to apply sooner rather than later as there can be a significant wait to join due to it being a small branch - don't wait until you finish education before you apply.

With regard conduct & attendance in school, we do request educational references as they are probably the most accurate, independent indicators of reliability, integrity, honesty, attitude to discipline, maturity, etc. It sounds like you need to smarten up your act. Talk to your form tutor, indicate you're going to become a reformed character and do just that, it's never too late.

We accept it's all part of growing-up, but before we invest thousands of pounds training you, we need evidence that you have matured & can be trusted.

There's a huge thread about Comms Techs with lots of input from serving 'secret squirrels' - it's worth a read.

Good luck.
Thanks for the reply and advice, i am aware that i need to smarten up my act a lot as it is far from perfect and i'll try my best to do just that.

I checked out the thread you advised , was alot of help. Do you also know were i could find some info on the Aircrewman role? as that is my 2nd choice.