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I have a friend who is in nearly the same position as me. He wants to be a paramedic. He has seen is ACLO recently after completed all selection processes successfully and has been told that it may not be another 2 YEARS before he can join up.

I am terrified that the same will happen to me - I am due to go on a PEDA to go on to hopefully join the Mine Clearance Branch. I am terrified the same will happen to me. I have worked in a supermarket since finishing A levels and need to get out of there for obvious reasons.

I have done the AIB and failed it so I made the decision to join as a rating with the provision of becoming a senior upper yardmen later on (hopefully).

Why would the ACLO say this? Cut backs?

Is it specific to branches or synonomous thoughout the entire navy?

Sorry to spin you guys with my lifestory by the way.
Same here with the CT branch....Ive done the two year wait almost. Ask ninja stoker i guess?

Certain branches appear to be able to take people in 6 months.


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Not sure exactly what trade you mean as paramedic officer, but if you mean as a Rating Medical Assistant (General Service) [MA] it is up to a two year wait- June 09, I think may be the next course with vacancies.

MA(Submariner) is around 6 months, with maybe one or two vacancies left in June 08.

Diver is around 6 months from start of application providing there is vacancies on the Pre entry Diving Acquaint (PEDA) during the period from submitting an application and provisional offer of service.

It's a fairly common question, but the smaller the branch, the smaller the requirement to train & the fewer phase two training places available. There may well be a shortage in the particular trade, but the cost prohibits running very small courses because they are labour intensive. In effect they try to run a course at capacity, so if for example we only need on average 25 of a particular trade per year, then there would probably only be one course per year. An example of that is that there's only one RM Officer entry per year- depending when you apply, depends how long you wait. The more people that apply for a given trade, often the longer the wait.

Hope that helps.

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