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I've just filled out my initial application via the online portal to join as an HMO (hydrography is something I absolutely love doing in my current career but find unrewarding with the company I work for and general industry at the current time) and am at the 'Awaiting Review' stage.

I've got a few questions for people more in the know about eligibility and the next steps (apologies for the fairly blunt approach!):

- I've been through the process before, albeit a few years ago when I was a lot more immature, and got all the way up to the fitness test and passed it easily. At this point I chose to go down the Merchant Navy route having been made an offer that I probably should have refused (something which I now look back on and deeply regret) - I've hence decided that now is the time to make a good go at this. I take it I'll still have to go through the same process from the top of the list?

- I'm 29 and have a postgraduate degree in the subject field. Although I've checked the eligibility requirements and it seems as though now they've bumped the age up from 30 at the time of joining (correct me if I'm wrong here) to 39 (I don't have a problem here if this is actually the case). With respect to my degree, I take it if I'm successful with everything else including the AIB, my degree won't necessarily count for anything, or will it?

- Joining time from start to finish is obviously a bit hard to predict given everything going wrong in the world at the current time. Under normal, non-pandemic circumstances, what would be a reasonable estimate for the joining time from filling in your initial application to getting on a train down to BRNC?

Thanks in advance for responses.

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@The Man Said I know nothing about your chosen speciality but I do know that the RN likes to give everyone the same training regardless of any previous experience. That way everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.
Best of luck with your application.
I left the Merchant Navy a few years ago and then went to join a survey company, funnily enough in the same group that I was sponsored by when doing my cadetship so I’ve come full circle if you like!

I called up the central recruitment number today as my password didn’t work despite resetting it twice and they said that an ACLO will be in touch within 2 to 3 weeks which is understandable given everything that’s going on at the moment. I’d like to think that once this initial interview is done then things will start to happen. As it’s been a few years since my last attempt, would the order of play still be the same so NSRT followed by sift and then fitness test?



They're not doing anything in person right now, initial interview they're just skipping, for RT you're assigned a score based on your GCSE results and SIFT equivalent is done on phone afaik.
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