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I am interested in joining navy and thats my only option. I have concern about work nature. How long will I be at sea? Just to plan my family life as i am married. I am planning to join as a marine engineer technician and is it possible for my wife to stay together if i have on shore work?

Really need help and appreciate.

Many thanks


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How long at sea..nobody can answer that,it depends what ship you're on, what it's programme is, whats happening around the world and so on.
Shore or afloat you can either rent or buy locally and live ashore or get a married quarter. I bought my own house soon after I got married and went home every night apart from when I was at sea, duty or away on courses.


Thanks for reply.
What could be expected on a daily basis as a technician apart from deployment or other duty course? Will i be able to travel ashore after work? I know nothing can be guaranteed but looking a general answer.



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Alongside (ship or shore establishment) unless your duty, working hours tend to be 0800 - 1600 unless you're watchkeeping or required for other things, so turn up ready for work by 0755 and go home at 1600.
ETME's will go to HMS Sultan after basic training

This is where my partner went and he was there for roughly 8 months. He came home every night but that's because we're local to Sultan. You can go home at weekends if you want, usually a half day on a Friday too. Sometimes you'll be on duty though so won't be able to go home.

Can't say how long you'll be at sea for or what happens after you pass out from Phase 2, that all depends on what's going on in the Navy.

My partner and the majority of the ME's were then moved to Scotland in Feb 2019 and won't be back at HMNB Portsmouth until the end of the year, September-December time. He has weekends free, but comes back every other weekend. They've recently started doing duties though. On the other hand some of the other ME's were sent to Gib for 1 month and then to HMNB Portsmouth. Bahrain was also a possibility for 6 months but nobody got that in the end.

The annoying thing about the Navy is that you never know what you're going to be doing, my partner is meant to be in Scotland until the end of this year but he's come to HMNB Portsmouth for 4 weeks (those 4 weeks may even be extended) to do some other work and then will go back to Scotland until his ship comes into Portsmouth again.

Sorry I've not completely answered your question there mate but hopefully I've give you a bit of an idea???
Can I also add that things with the Navy can be very last minute!

As I just mentioned he's been sent back to Portsmouth for a few weeks, he found out 2 days before.

He also didn't know that he was going to be moving to Scotland for the year until a few days before he passed out from Phase 2, so I literally had like 3 days to make the most of the time left we had together :)

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