Joining Military with Asthma?

(sorry if this doesn't belong here, im new!)

Okay, where to begin.

I was diagnosed with asthma as a little kid. I'd say 2nd grade. I had a moderate case of asthma, and as the years went on it went away.

Every time i went to the doc(not often mind you) they'd ask "hows the asthma?". I'd reply "good" and tell them i haven't used my Inhaler in years! I only had one attack as a young child. But since then i haven't been to the doc about my asthma. However, i guess as a precautionary step, they still would perscribe me an inhaler(i dont remember the last time i got one).

Well im seventeen and i want to join. I could go in and tell meps nothing, and be just fine(as my "diagnosed" asthma does not affect me), or i could do what i want, and try and get a waiver. But i dont want to try and get a waiver only to get denied.

So are there any people out there with asthma in the military, that joined with a history of it?

And what are my chances of getting a waiver, seeing as how i don't know what would be on my record(and im willing to get a PFT)


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Welcome to the site- Have you noticed incidentally this is a Royal Navy, not US Navy site I wonder?

For Royal Navy:

There's loads on the subject if you search the site for asthma, but ther basic guidelines are that the following conditions are a bar to entry:

Respiratory disorders

Asthma, wheeze or asthma symptoms or treatment within the past 4 years. Lung
disease Including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis.
Active tuberculosis.

Without going into lengthy discourse, the medical astandards for entry are set to ensure the safety of the individual & to ensure the individual does not compromise the safety of those that rely upon them, so unless you wish to be permanently barred from joining, lying or witholding information is not an option. Tragically people can and do die of asthma

It is recognised that many individuals simply get repeat prescriptions through habit rather than need & providing your GP concedes that you have not had an episode for many years, then the Medical Examiner may identify you as requiring further assessment. Your GP will be sent a pre-entry respiratory questionnaire, and in addition, a four week peak flow diary may be initiated by the Medical Examiner. Both the questionnaire and peak flow diary are returned to the AFCO (ME) for evaluation & a definitive decision can then be made with regard your fitness to serve.

Judging by your username, if you wish to be aircrew then the same rules apply as the RAF, which generally bars any episode of asthma due to lung scarring.

Hope that helps & good luck.

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