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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Culum, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Ok, so, mate of mine who's in suggested this site to me a while back, so thought id give it a go.

    I'm joining up in January 2010, and really just looking for any tips, or advice people have to offer, also if anyone else is joining up the same time, let me know what kinda prep youve being doing.

    Been reading up through the internet but figure this might be a better way as then if i have any questions of my own i can ask them.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  3. And as Santa would say,........HO HO HO :twisted: :D
  4. Seriously start a diary. Put down every thing you do, the blokes and gals you have met the acedotes, funny stories, disaster etc.
    I have been trying to write a book about my time in the mob but I have forgotten more than I can remember.
    Bon chance et courage. Enjoy it.
  5. lol, dont think award winning author would quite suite me, as most of the time i forget what ive done as soon as ive done it (seems less incriminating if you get caught if you genually dont have a clue) so may not get so far writing a diary :(

    Though to be fair, would be good having a more permanent account of events :)
  6. Just another question which i have if anyone in the know happens to be skimming through this post, the prospect of doing the all arms commando course is one which appeals to me a great deal.

    So if anyone who has done, is doing, or has any knowledge of information relating this would like to share some, it would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I'm starting in January too, had my pre joining brief this morning.

    Have you posted on the 'When Are You Going To HMS Raleigh' thread? You'll be able to see exactly who is starting when.

    The main advice I've received so far is; open your eyes and ears and keep your mouth shut!
  8. when did you start ya application?
  9. I'm joining then too!!! What date?!?!

    And I guess I've just been working out 4-5 times a week by running, going the gym and other fitness activities. And I've been learning to iron lol. And just reading up on advice and the Navy in general. I guess that's all you can really do. :)
  10. running, working out, going to gym, reading up??!!!! Back in the day u turned up at ur local railway station on the appointed day with a bag containing nix sox and dhoby gear and a rail warrant :D :D :D
  11. And you had to help the fireman reload the train with enough coal, water and sand to make it to the Ganges.
  12. Why don't you just join the RM then? AACC isn't just there to collect a badge and a nice beret.
  13. Ja5on,

    Your next train to the Jobless-Centre leaves at 1300* today,


    *For you - Thats when Big Hand pointy to Twelve and the Little Hand pointy to One, no doubt Mummy will show you.
  14. Sounds about as good as its going to get.

    Cheers for the thread.
  15. Started my application early this year, though had it delayed a few times as i didnt have a passport and got injured before my PJFT.
  16. Lol, this is probably true, going in as WESM, which i realise doent give me the best of chances but would like to give it ago.
  17. 3rd of Jan is my starting date, and from the look of it have been doing much the same as yourself...except the ironing, which would probably be a good idea, as at the moment i tend to let the tumble dryer do whatever and hope for the best.
  18. Railway station? So they did have the wheel?
  19. WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS NOT JUST THERE TO COLLECT A BADGE AND A NICE BERET!...Dam, now im going to have to re-think my entire entry...whatever will i do? You seem to know alot maybe you can help?
  20. Not so much about the lid or the flashes etc, more the challenge of it, friend of mine did his, said it was hard as hell, well worth it idf the opprotunity arose.

    But cheers for the info, least this way i go in minus the rose tinted glasses.

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