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It's now 5 months and counting until my start date at BRNC (June 4th). I have submitted everything necessary (vaccination records, discharge book etc etc) and have been told to standby for "joining instructions closer to the time". This is literally all I have been told. No confirmed offer of employment, no more guidance than that. I know that 5 months is a long time but considering my application has taken 14 months to date I'd like to have a bit more info to put my mind at rest, without pestering recruitment.
Does anyone know how long joining instructions take to come through? Do the RFA issue confirmed offers of employment so that I can be sure that this is definitely what I'll be doing in 5 months time?


We all went through the same.

It's been posted a billion times before, just sit about and wait. Your contract will be generated after you've cleared security clearance and handed everything in - give it a month then start pestering recruitment.

You'll get joining instructions about a month before you start (or at least I did).

Of course it could of all changed with the apprenticeships, but I'd be surprised if it's dramaticly different.
Thank you! It just seems so vague; I sent my last vaccination certificate in on the 24th of November, and I was cleared months ago so I think I might drop an email, or maybe give a call just to see how everything is coming along. I'll be happy once I've got my confirmed offer through, after all these months of hard work and patience.


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Don't be surprised if it's weeks not months till your start date that you get any paperwork, all you care about is the offer (rank, pay, pension and branch etc)

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You're right that the contract is what I'm really after! I gave Recruitment a call a few days ago and they very helpfully promised to get a contract out to me within two weeks, for peace of mind really. Once I've got that I can start to get excited!
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