Joining in mid to late twenties

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Nadinebbb, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. Hiya, I have searched the older threads but just wondered it there was any further advice from people regarding joining today's RN mid to late 20s. I have always wanted to, but worried as some people will have been in 11 years and I will be at basic!!! Does the lifestyle suit someone older???? Opportunities the same??? Would you recommend??? Okay living with younger sailors???

  2. I doubt it would be any problem Nadine , do not worry about your age as the same topic has been covered by peeps older than yourself and have been re-assured. If you want it go for it.
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  3. I'll be 26 if I get to join. Was 24 when I applied yet wish I had done this at 17. Never mind we all find our way eventually Good luck to you!

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  4. Having seen the average age of recruits rising each year, you won't be the first and definitely won't be the last!
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  5. Thank you, life is too short not to go for it!!! Does anyone know current wait time for writer and cis???
  6. What are you looking to join as???
  7. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Go for it. Some people are not ready at the younger age - I was 30 !
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  8. Hoping to join as MA

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  9. I joined at 33 last year. For my next RNFT I get twelve and a half minutes.

    Happy days.
  10. I was in Raleigh ith a 32 year old guy. One of the best lads ive ever met! Im 20 and there was a 17 year old in the intake. You quickly forget about the age gap when in Raleigh. You'll be fine :)
  11. Age is not the issue it will be your fitness and mind set for basic training is what you need.
    I left 1998 and we had an AB join us in 1995 straight from training at 35, he loved it as he had never been sacked but kept getting laid off s purser gave him his first permanent job.
    If it is what you want go for it, good luck
  12. Hey Nadinebbb.
    I'm 29 and joining, just passed my medical, will be 30 by the time I get in (fitness tests etc going in my favour Ofcourse) so wouldn't worry about the age thing. There are advantages to joining younger but same can be said for joining late 20's aswell, as you said life is too short etc. Best of luck :)
  13. I'm polishing off my degree at the moment and gunning for MEO. Hopefully being 27 at that point won't count too much against me but its what gets me out the bed in the morning.
  14. In my experience, and I joined at 32, there were no issues. I found I was fitter than most of the intake I joined with and I also had the ability to listen as opposed to gob off.
    The instructors will, if you possess it, look to you for being a potential class leader.
    Once you join the fleet however it can be a little more difficult. I never had problems with mess deck life and could mix with people of all ages and backgrounds. That is of course the mainstay of living in close proximity to 30 other lads.
    You will have to learn to bite your tongue at times as your age means nothing when there's flats to clean and you're an AB2!!
  15. I have been wondering though as to what degree we would be penalized for progression through the Navy. We're within the brackets for recruitment but I expect that younger people would be promoted more often due to the needs of the service for a pool of candidates further up the chain.
  16. The way I've looked at joining up being 'older' is that I've done the civvy street experience, so I'm not going to be thinking after few years, is the grass greener', I already know it's not, so I'm not going to leave once (if) I'm in. Roll on 12 year contract!!

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  17. Age is not taken into consideration in any way, shape or form.
  18. What wrecker said, promotion goes on eligablity criteria. If you're eligiable and you get a write up which goes to the board for promotion then you will stand as much chance as someone older or younger.
  19. Promotion is a tricky beast and has many attributes
    Are you qualified? PQE Task book or whatever is required
    Are you eligible?
    Does your face fit?
    Are you good at your job?
    Does your boss think you are good at your job?
    Does your boss like you?
    Is your boss giving you good write ups and will they recommend you?
    Does the Navy need anyone to be promoted?
    Once all the above are ticked and OK then you are in with a fighting chance.
  20. Do you play sport at Command Level/Inter Service level,then go to the top of the list.

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