Joining in 4 years - A couple of questions

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lloyd245, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Hello all!

    This is my current position:
    Next year I'm taking a year out to get a job and some money, then after that going to University. After University I'll probably join the Royal Navy, however this is still 4 or 5 years away. I've already been to my local AFCO and got some information, and I'm currently looking at all the different jobs in the RN.

    My questions are:

    1) As joining up is still 4/5 years away, is there anything else I can do/need to do before other than actually applying?

    2) I'm currently doing a BTEC National Diploma in IT - however the RN website says that not all Diplomas are accepted. I'm interested in a job working with computers and do you think they will accept a BTEC and not A-Levels? After completing my Diploma I should have 3 Distinctions overall (360 UCAS points).

    Thanks for your time
  2. Seen this?

    You should've asked the AFCO when you went 8O
  3. I`m not able to answer your questions Lloyd, someone will be along shortly to advise you.
    But let me ask you one question, do you think that we will have a deep sea Royal Navy in four years time?
  4. Surely a university qualification will override the A-level requirements in some way?
  5. Hello Lloyd and welcome to RR. Please ignore Tims post, he feels that 2 months membership of a website entitles him to act as the font of all knowledge.
    Our resident AFCO men, Ninja Stoker and SuperMario will no doubt be along shortly with more pertinent information for you.
  6. Join the RNR?
  7. Thanks for the replies :)

    I did think about that, but correct me if I'm wrong (which I probably am as I haven't read alot about the RNR) but doesn't it require quite a lot of time away? If this is the case then it might affect how well I do at University :?
  8. Join an URNU?
  9. No, it doesn't.

    If you haven't already picked your Uni, I recommend going to one with a URNU. I ended up 150 miles from my nearest one.
  10. To reiterate time to join up, on my last visit to my AFCO they advised me that University achievements bares no significance to an initial application for officer. Obviously certain roles would require a degree (i.e. Engineering Oficer) but in other words; someone who has a degree may not necessarily be eligible for entry as an officer. Irrespective of this, I am not sure if BTEC's are recognised by the RN.
  11. Do some dreaded PHYSICAL EX0RCISE
  12. May i ask to what purpose you are doing you degree?

    is it just for the RN or are you thinking get degree join the RN see the world get more qualifications , leave get a civi job and earn more money ??

    cause (im not 100%) i think you can do things like betec's while you in like you can do your GCSE's.

    i'm not a 100% like i say but its an option and it best to look at joing and what you want to do from diffrent angels. as it will only slow your enty and what you want to do in life down. i found that out the hard way i should have been in the RN 5 years this year but i went to college instead to try and improve my grades(needless to say it didn't work:-(. )

  13. Yes you can do BTEC's with your education allowance, the mob pays 80% if it's relative to your branch and you can get time off for day release (I did an HNC in Electrical/Electronic Engineering at Plymouth CFE this way). You can also do GCSE's as I got a couple the same way. If joining as a rating, check what's available at the Education Centre, every shore base has one.
  14. I know you don't always NEED a degree for alot of the jobs in the RN (the AFCO told me this), but I'm mainly doing a degree as a backup, and the whole 'university experience' :wink:

    To be honest at the moment I'm not sure if I want to join the RN and choose it as a life career or go for the life experience then leave and get a job in civvie street. But the good thing is I've got 4 years to think about it :p

    I am currently looking at the URNU, seems like a good idea to do while I'm at University. One question - Do I have to actually be a student at the specified University with a URNU (Oxford, Bristol, Southampton etc) or just within 1 hour's travelling distance?
  15. hahaha.. I have a degree, but not enough A-level points to join as an occifer

    don't ever believe that the RN could be logical

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