Joining help needed please

Hello everyone, any help here would be most welcome:

I applied to join as an RN Officer (MCDO), failed, and was invited back in a year.

In the meantime I have just joined the RNR to give me a bit of insight into RN life and (hopefully) a boost in a year's time. I've got a menial day-job to keep me in beer money.

I have heard that 'full time' reservists exist; what exactly does this term mean, and what's involved in the work? I'd love to do this for the year instead of having a seperate day-job but I am not sure what's involved.

Any help welcome!


War Hero
Full-Time Reserve posts are usually advertised internally to the trained strength of Reserve units for specific, short-term periods.

Your individual unit should be able to advise of any forthcoming deployments which require trained volunteers within your particular trade.

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