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Hi, I want to join the Royal Navy after I finish school, I am currently living in Southern Ireland, I am aware that people from Ireland can join, but how many do, what are your experiences of Irish the navy, north or south? I want to be an officer, I am British, dual citizen, having English parents and spending a couple of years of my youth and many many summers in England, and I speak with a sort of mid Irish Sea accent. Is it common to see Irish in the navy and is it any different? I'm sure there's no problem, but I'm just interested.
Edit- would security access be an issue?
You should make enquiries about joining, Keith. The situation for a Dual National is different to that of someone who is a national of the Republic of Ireland in that there are some Officer roles for which Irish citizens can't apply, but for which Dual Nationals can eg Warfare Officer, Logistics Officer. (A special rule is in force for Pilots/Observers, though).

The best thing for you to do would be to get in touch with the Royal Navy Careers Advisors in Belfast.

When do you leave school?
Yeah thanks, I know it's not a problem, but I just wanted to know if it was common, as for roles of dual nationality you can be a warfare officer if your a dual citizen, I was born in Northern Ireland anyway! Thanks for the replies.
Oh, and I am leaving in 2019, I might do college first but thats looking less likely!
How old are you now, Keith? If you are old enough, it might be worth at least making your initial enquiry sooner rather than later. That would mean that you would be able to draw up a timetable for the next 15 months or so which would take into account the requirements of an application to join the Royal Navy as an Officer as well as the requirements of your school eg exam periods etc.
I turned 17 at the beginning of March.
In that case, I would start the process, if I were you. The very first step is simply an Expression of Interest.

PS I think that doing your RT (the entrance test) just before school starts again in the autumn might work well - that way, you have the summer to do lots of practice and it will be a nice time of year to spend more time outside working on your fitness.
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Irish citizens can,and routinely do, join the UK military in all branches.

Where people get slightly "angsty" is when it comes to security clearances; however one of my old bosses was an RAF C130 pilot, and by dint of some 'interesting employment' on the C130 he held the same security clearances as the CO of a V-Boat.

He was also from a fairly rough part of Dublin, and drank Bushmills like it was water. I tried keeping up with him once, and didn't feel properly OK again for 48hrs afterwards.
Just purely out of curiosity, why do Irishmen serve in HM Forces? I Know OP is a dual citizen so it doesn't really apply here but since the ROI is an entirely different country, isn't it just the same as like an Englishman joining the French Navy? I mean I just couldn't imagine serving another country
I don't know, I know there are some people who come from a military family and have a history of joining the British military, the most popular reason I have found is that the Irish military take only like 100 people a year, with 4000 applicants, and the rules for joining are stricter, so I think they see the British as the next logical option, after all, 40% of the British armed forces were Irish in the 1800s, also they I think they feel they want to join a proper military, also pays better, pension, lifestyle etc. They are the reasons I found.
Funny thing is, I live in the republic, but in my careers office at school there are loads of poster of the British army and raf, marines etc, as well as Irish ones, so I think it's pretty common to join
Interesting! I didn't mean it judgementally so I apologise if it came across that way, you just hear wildly different accounts of our countries' relations, especially attitudes towards the military, so it is something that I find interesting. Thanks for your answer!

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