Joining from overseas (British national)

hi, i have a British passport and was born in the UK, but i am a Spanish resident and live in Spain at the moment, i want to join the Navy, what steps would i have to take?

can i apply from Spain or would i be better going over to the UK and apply? if i was to go over how long can this usually take? (i plan on moving back sometime this year)

also would being a Spanish resident make it a bit complicated?

p.s. sorry for the rather wierd questions
Im not sure if this is even an option but there maybe a way to join in Gibraltar. Obviously the Gibraltar regiment recruit there I'm not sure about anyone else.
If you're a British passport holder and a British citizen I don't see what the problem is. Wherever the nearest AFCO is to where you intend to re-locate to, give them a call.


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You're eligible on Nationality but need to confirm your status with regard residency.

First port of call - contact the overseas desk at London AFCO by email: [email protected]

After that, contact the AFCO best placed to process your application. Most people stay with relatives - logically go to the nearest AFCO to where you will be staying.

If you contact your chosen by email, well in advance, they maybe able to compress your selection elements to limit "stay time" in UK. No guarantee, but worth a shot.

A word of caution on this one, the AFCO are not in any way obliged to shorten the selection process, it isn't a right, it's a favour - I had a guy flying-in from Oz. I booked his test, interview & medical on the same day, PJFT the following. He failed the test and wasted all the bookings.


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