joining dates

How long does it usually take to get your joining date after you have passed everything within the process (apart from the PRNC obviously)?
Anything from a couple of months to couple of years from what I understand, dependent on what branch, surface or subs or other complications in your application? Speak to your local AFCO for a real answer


Lantern Swinger
Your AFCO should have given you a time period in which you will receive your date during your final interview. For example I'm going in for Warfare Specialist, told me to expect a 12-18 month wait from passing security clearance. Hope this helps friend.
thanks for the feedback. My career officer explained that AET's usually join within 10 months of passing the phsycometric test. and i was well in to the application when i broke my arm just over a year ago now so i was hoping they would see that ive been waiting longer than most and put me in as soon as a space opens up. However, i understand there will be people who have been waiting a hell of a lot longer than me.

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