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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lethal lady, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. Anyone got their PRNC in November? Or joining in February?
  2. My PRNC is in November.
  3. Is it November 10th? at Collingwood?
  4. Sure is :)
  5. No way what you going in as?
  6. AET, yourself?
  7. Nice. Warfare specialist :) you reckon your ready for it?
  8. Sure do. Smashed my fitness test first time, so should be fine this time and I'm like a dolphin in water haha you?
  9. Aww that's good then yeah same I got 11.13 what u get? I'm bit worried about the swimming side but I'm sure it's just nerves lol
  10. Parabuds, is your Raleigh date 4th Jan?
  11. 12.11 but I can do it in 11 now. No my start date is November 23rd. As I branch changed I swapped lists and place was open for me so it's been a last minute rush :)
  12. Lucky boy!!
  13. Wow we are quick to judge gender..
  14. I knew you would say that! I have no excuse!
  15. Typical female.. Always right eh ;)
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  16. If you say so ;)
  17. Swimming isn't bad you just have to swim 50m In 4 mins they let you have a go at the boiler suit one but thats not too hard either
  18. The boiler suit the one I'm worried about tbh but that's not a pass fail is it?
  19. It is in Raleigh but It wasn't on my PRNC which I did at the end of July so you should be fine
  20. Aww okay thank you :)

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