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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cornwall_jake, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. has anyone done there recruitment test after agust 10th and had start date for aet?
  2. have you completed all other bits? Interview, medical, pjft ect ....
  3. yes i have completed everything and they were bidding for me last i knew and tht was beginnin of october they originally told me i would b starting around march time but cant b that now
  4. Current waiting time is 13 months. Looks like September (ish) for you.
  5. even though when i dont my rt it was only 7 months
  6. Yes
  7. Did mine Sept 09 and was told today I wouldn't hear anything for a month or two and my start date at the moment is Aug/Sept :(
  8. completed everything just waiting for a start date. sat rt in july 09 and told by afco that at the moment im looking at aug/sept aswell
  9. yea i rung them up yesterday and they saisd at the latest it will b sept which is bit crap as was expectin march still more time get few prem games in and keep up with fitness
  10. Completed selection at the beginning of November and have been told I'm looking at a aug/sept entry also.
  11. where u hoping to be based?
  12. Let's hope he says Torpoint.

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