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My son has now passed everything, security clearance last week and told we will be in touch with a joining date.... Does anyone know how long this will be? He first applied in October last year as an air craft handler and was told from the off there is a waiting list which he was fine with
Many thanks
I think only your sons AFCO has the answer to that question. I first applied in Feb this year for supply chain logistics and was told there is no waiting list for logisticians. I've got my provisional joining date for November assuming all goes well in my PRNC next month.
Thankyou for your reply, his Afco is hardly ever there so my son just gets messages from him via someone else! He has asked the question but is yet to get an answer, he just feels a bit in limbo unable to plan stuff, he's not expecting it to be anytime soon but some kind of time frame would be helpful as its nearly a year since first applied and then it was 18 month waiting list but not sure what it is now
Sorry to hear your sons AFCO isn't very efficient! Mine has kept me informed at every possible opportunity without me having to nag them. They've been really great.
I guess whilst he's waiting he can work on his fitness. It would be naïve for him to think that just coz he's young and got plenty of time that he will be ok with the fitness side of stuff.
Best of luck to him tho.


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Aircraft Handler is one of the heavily over-subscribed branches that usually has a test to entry timespan of around 18-20 months, assuming there are no delays at medical or are n taking and passing the PJFT. The 'clock' stops u till the individual passes the medical and PJFT and restarts after passing the PJFT.

Once the PJFT is passed an security clearance is underway, a provisional entry date will be requested. Entry dates are usually allocated about six to eight months ahead for the branches with a wait in excess of 12 months.

He will have been told about the length of the wait for this branch from the outset - those applying later could have different waiting times to join. For those motivated primarily by the wait to join, candidates will be told what branches are available given their recruit test score and eligibility criteria (age, nationality, academic qualifications and medical dependent).

For those with very few job options, my advice would be to resit the recruit test whilst waiting to open-up a greater range of options, together with shorter waits to join.
Many thanks for your reply, when he first applied he was told about the wait but as its a role he really wants he was prepared for the wait and still is,
He was told by his Afco he scored highly in his recruitment tests so no need to resist them while he waits.
He has just started college and is doing the advised public services course which he is really enjoying.
As I said before he is prepared to wait but it would just be helpful for an accurate time frame because when he applied he was told 2 years but that is subject to change

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