Joining Date

Hi mate, may i suggest searching? It has been covered a million and one times. But for your benifit:

It varies on branch, AFCO & lots of other things. Was only 2 days after i passed my PJFT that i got my date. But i know a guy thats still waiting.

Hope you get your date soon mate.

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If you are joining as an Aircraft Handler, you'll be notified about 9 months ahead of an entry date, at about 19 months after passing your first PJFT.

If joining as an ET(MESM), you'll be notified about 1 month ahead of an entry date, at about a week or two after passing your PJFT.

The other 50-odd branches will be somewhere inbetween. Best bet is to speak to your AFCO.

Good luck.


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It depends what the estimated wait was when you first applied & whether that changed between passing the recruit test and passing the PJFT. Not 100% sure but off the top of my head, assuming there are no hold-ups along the way, I think it's about 13 months test to entry at present.

Your AFCO are best placed to advise as they know your individual circumstances.