Joining date the 22nd July

Well this is it my last few days and then off to Raleigh, spending a few days doing some last minute jobs around the house for my lass and think about packing everything properly tomorrow.

Last week I was thinking what the hell I was doing and today was my last day at work and again had those creeping doubts until I battered the hell out of 'em :whax: :whdat:

But now I just cannot sleep, nervous I am and would be worried if i wasn't but could really do with a good night sleep :coffee:

Is anyone else going to Raleigh on sunday via birmingham new street station? (seems i go through this station whether i go via sheffield or wakefield!!)


War Hero
Chill back, you'll meet another twenty other people at New Street, all with very short hair, big bags with 8 coat-hangers sticking out, all looking pensive.

By the time you get to Exeter, you'll have sussed them all out & will be getting on like a house on fire!

Good luck!
Im via Crewe and Reading mate so wont be seeing you on the way down. Know what you mean about the sleep issue; i just keep getting pissed, works a treat - just not ideal for the keeping fit side of things.
ah well would do but just had a tooth pulled (it was that or a very expensive root canal) so unable to drink at the moment except good old yorkshire tea!!

tried running on an evening to see if that would knacker me out just made me bloody worse!

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