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No worries. I know someone who's wait for WS was bought forward from April to November so you never know.


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Oh no way was that April 2015 to November 2014? I started my application may of last year hopefully not to far off


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Sounds like your doing well snowman when's your little one due again?

I'm not doing too shabby mate. My daughter was born July 16th, and has been keeping me busy for the last 3 weeks! Still found time to train though, mostly the Insanity dvds until I finish that course of training and then back on to the running. Bit frustrated though, I've had about 8 people in the space of three days ask when I'm going to HMS Raleigh - by the last one I nearly screamed in his face " I DON'T KNOW. THEY DON'T KNOW. MAYBE NOVEMBER, MAYBE 2016!" But luckily my wife answered for me. A cocktail of little to no sleep, and constant worrying about BMI and training etc are I'm afraid to say, starting to get to me a little after 13 months of waiting.
Been watching the Royal Marine Commando School show on Channel 4, and for about a week I entertained the idea of joining up as I've heard somewhere it's a shorter time frame from day1 applying to RM, to day 1 of Lympstone, than it is from day 1 applying to RN, to day 1 of HMS Raleigh. Whether or not that's true is irrelevant beacuse after three weeks of no sleep, crying baby, little food and eating it on the move, I realised that I was just looking for a quick in because damn was I ready to say "**** it, I'm going to the Winchester and waiting for all this to blow over!" Not sure I could hack the full 32 weeks.
So for now I'm just constantly watching my diet, monitoring my training regiment, and running to the front door when I hear the postman.
How's everyone else fairing? Anyone a little complacent or bored of their training routines and/or their wait times?


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How is everyone doing? Just thought I'd post to see if everyone's still hopeful. Another weekend approaching another week hoping my phone is going to ring lol Everytime I see it ring and it's a mate it's like oh ffs not you ! Haha! Anybody started watching the royal marine commando school?
Hello @Kevoby10, I did indeed watch Royal Navy Commando School (2014) TV Series, and if yourself or indeed anyone else would like to re-watch this show, it is available on dailymotion at the links below.

Password: Marine

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
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