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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matt1993, Jul 7, 2014.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    So i am on the waiting list and have been told 'May 2015'. Pretty general really. From past experience, does anyone know when i would be likely to find out a specific date? i have spoken to my AFCO and they just keep saying May... hope someone can help :)

  2. Its a guided date it all depends on who drops out ect genrally i found out 12 months before my date but thats me. i know it vaires
  3. You've asked the people who are invoved in recruiting you, who have given you a best estimate of May 2015. What part of that don't you understand. As soon as they know, you will know, and this will probably be about 4-6 months (sometime sooner) before your actual entry date.
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  4. Is it me or should RR be re-named as spoon feeders
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  5. Have you not been getting any Drakey? seem very angry haha. All i asked was a simple question from people who have been through the same situation as me... that's all. :)
  6. In that case Matt1993, that would be everyone whose joined the mob in the last 100 years, how many answers would you like?
  7. now regretting asking hahaha, oh well! thanks for the 'help' anyway
  8. I got told 11 months before, but theres so many variables that it could be a month, could be 11. My afco just told me to be prepared fitness wise etc but equally to be prepared for a wait...
  9. thank you Rachelthree :) an actual helpful answer! shock horror
  10. Matt1993, I was told to expect a 12-18 month wait from my AFCO for WS after I finished all of the tests and final interview. Was told to expect the full 18 month wait, but prepare for being called up sooner if a space did open up for me - so just keep training, don't get lazy under the "I've got a year to get fit today won't matter" mentality as you may get the nod tomorrow or the day after with a date, and it's much easier to stay fit for a year than to get fit a few months before the entry date.
    What are you joining up as?
  11. Snowman91. yeah thats the exact same as ive been told :) i'm also joining as a WS. Still keeping really fit, slowly starting to train for my next half marathon and go to the gym atleast 5 times a week at the mo. fitness isnt the issue (although im still not expecting it to be easy when i go).

    When are you hoping to go then, or are you already in?
  12. I was given a rough estimate of November 2015 so I'm hoping that is drastically reduced over the coming months because damn this waiting is dull. Luckily I've been a fat guy for the last few years so I've had fitness to preoccupy my self, training and nutrition and protein etc. I miss pizza. I recently plateue'd in terms of fitness though so I'm getting the Insanity workout at the end of the month and blasting that for a bit. Also their nutrition guide seems to be cheaper than the amount of MyProtein products I'm currently buying a month.
  13. Make your own pizza, use a whole wheat pitta bread, but a cheeky small dash of cheese and load it up with cherry tomatoes, spinach etc and pop under the grill :D or use pesto instead of cheese nom nom. Even treat yaself to a fizzy drink, well sugar free juice with sparking water. waiting is rubbish but they will let you know as soon as possible!
  14. I got a couple of answers from some who's who started the application in feb 2013 and got start dates for march 1st 2015 this is for warfare specialist. I started mine may 2013 and I think snowman you were July 2013 wasn't it? So I'm hoping we aren't to far behind those guys
  15. Are they official start dates Kevoboy or just what the AFCO told you? Mine's just what the AFCO told me, still no phone call or letter to say I've gotten a date set in stone yet. I did start in July though so I'm hoping it's not too much later than 2015. I was expecting to be 24 at my POP, not 25 possibly 26 before my POP.
  16. Also if they are your official dates Kev then congrats mate and also you suck balls!
  17. That's a bit of a rude thing to say to a chap.
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  18. Haha no I haven't got given a date yet but those guys have official dates for march 1st 2015 I'm still waiting on my dates haha so I'm not sucking balls yet lol
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  19. I echo what snowman said. I was given a rough guide of next March for MA which will be 18 months and still haven't heard anything, but I'd rather be fit now then have to get fit at the drop of a hat!
  20. Yeah defiantly keeping yourself fit is the best advice you can have plus it keeps you occupied during the way and you also get the feel good factor when you start improving on things.
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