Joining date! Plus added spookiness!

Got my joining date! Now here's my story for those who care to read.

Had a day off work today, so decided to go into Brum to mooch around and maybe drop into the AFCO. I was umming and ah-ing about going in, didn't want to seem desparate or anything, but i really wanted to know if my security questionnaire had been processed. So i went to the loo, then decided i'd go in.
Went in, asked an army rep. for the Warrant Officer, and he went to see if he could find him. As he was gone searching, my phone starting ringing. I was embarrassed so i was faffing about in my bag trying to shut it up, when it stopped. I take a quick peek- i'd accidentally answered it. Obviously having a phone conversation in the AFCO is not something that looks good, so instead of ending the call, i just left it, the person on the other end (my boss?) speaking to themselves.
Another officer came in (not the WO) and asked how he could help. Said i just wanted to see how my application was going. Asked my name. I said, and he said, "The Warrant Officer needs to see you! Good news i hope!".
The WO came in and said he'd been trying to ring me, but it answered and he got no reply! I was stunned. Said the phone might have answered itself with all the crap i've got in my bag.
He said my joining date came this morning- 27 May! I'm so chuffed, and the weird experience today makes it feel like it's all meant to happen and it will be great.
It's all been too weird. I didn't know i was going to the AFCO 'til i was walking that way, didn't have to go in just then, didn't go to get a date. Stunned!


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Nah, they're not saucy. Wait 'til you get into the Mob, you'll be exposed to filth you can't even imagine. Bluetooth on your phone will come in handy...
Well, well, it just goes to show that matelots have every reason to be superstiticious (not sure of my spelling though... :roll: ). I'm very happy for you Snapdragon - though I think you'll have to do something about your willy before you start training, or they won't know which mess to place you in... or do they offer transgender messes these days? :roll: :lol:

As for the porn: tell them it's part of your religious beliefs to watch porn and resist getting turned on by it.... say you belong to the new Christos-Pornos Sect! If they try to stop you they'll be then violating your human rights - interfering with your right to manifest your religion! :twisted:


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Always_a_Civvy said:
snapdragon said:
I just won't shake it so much. Or maybe i could use it to hypnotise people into not noticing?
Just think how it will affect the poor sailors serving with/under you... :?

Now you're just being suggestive, AAC


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yeah your not allowed porn on ur phone when your in this huge room on your first day they say delete it all then when you go to church or doing round leave your bluetooth on and you will prob fill your phone with porn.

congradulations. at least your not doing basic during the winter. and you will get 3 weeks off in summer.(PAID)
oooh you will have dartmoor in mid june! Better watch for the sheep ticks!

Seiously though, I am soo pleased for you, it seems an age since you were terrified of your mile and a half xxx
Don't worry about sheep ticks Snaps, just bung up any orifices and you'll be quite safe... it's their smelly, itchy, wriggling larvæ which hatch a few weeks later you really have to worry about... :twisted:
Well done snaps - glad you've finally got a date. Dartmoor in June and sheep ticks, is that better I wonder than Dartmoor in December and 100mph winds - not sure but either way I wouldn't want to do it!! I am sure you will love it and thrive - No 1 son goes back tomorow after 2 weeks leave and can't wait to get back - home has been very boring after basic.

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