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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by robbo9, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. hello,

    can any one help me?

    ive read thre naval site, and to be honest has confused me...wot doe sa o/m do in th submairners? and is it a good job? or is doing it in the lfeet better?

  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    Welcome to the site. For your own safety, may I suggest that you do not leave home without a dictionary?
  3. lol, fair enuf....sorry i just type so quickly, can anyone help?
  4. OM Submariner is an Opperator Maintainer and basically you use the kit and repair/service it - usally in the sonar room - you become the ears and eyes of the ship but are also a electrical engineer of sorts...

    my bezzy oppo is an OM and is now a Petty Officer, he said its a fantastic job.

  5. ok, wot job has the role of the gunns, (small and big) on the fleet surface ships?
  6. Gunner.


  7. can u join as a gunner?
  8. when would they be recruting?
  9. ask a recruiting office mate....

    its not the best job you know? not funny being on watch on your 20mm with 20' goffers and its harry icers.

  10. Nah best to be set up in a nice warm Sickbay with a Sickbay Cocktail and Some Mouse Trap on Toast!Let the other mugs get wet and cold!
  11. hahaha - scablifters

    i love 'em

    Stokers have the warmest hidyholes.

  12. Isn't the whole rating career thingy changing soonish anyhoo? Was talking to a tiff recently who said that you can't join as a tiff (or a mechanic) any longer, they are now all ETs apparently...
  13. who knows man - i did notice they change more often than the tides... and notice trades drop off the website and others appear - an oppo is the recruiting Chief at Derby RN Careers office and said they only advertise needed branches and trades. (which makes sense).

    also heard with the new carriers - a trade will be ressurected from the dead to cope with conventional carrier landings.... the arrestor wire folk.

  14. [quote="Rincewind
    Stokers have the warmest hidyholes.

    Rincewind[/quote]I have just consulted my BR888(Naval Medical Ratings Handbook) the medical term for that is *********! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. dont look at me - i am a cook/steward instructor. :) warmer still.

    recently had the pleasure of a over night voyage on HMS Grafton and i was asked if i could help out in the Galley as the PO Chef was on paternity leave, so i took my whites and cooked all the tiddly food for the ward room. :)

    hadnt noticed we were at sea until 2 hours later and i saw the water in the sink all wobbly. :)

  16. Go OM Sub, better pay and more time off! But then that goes with being under the water alot too.

    Dabbers onboard, I did it and it was a laugh but I have a few subbie mates and thats the way ahead!

    Plus if the 'golden hand shake' is still in, your be 5k up! I know it is a 5yr return, but you would have to do 5yrs before putting your notice in.
  17. Got to be a little careful with Subs at the moment. The Sub Pay is still there, but the LSSB has changed - it will only apply when you are deployed, not as "off crew", or time alongside. I understand that this impacts quite seriously on their pay packets. In addition, watch for the anti-smoking legislation coming in regarding subs.

    Best bet is to get to a careers office, pick up the brochures, and have a good look through them. Go back to the careers office and ask to talk through the options with the careers advisor. Which is your nearest careers office?
  18. Gunners make the tea and clear up for the Sparkers. :p
  19. The submarine service has its benefits and disadvantages. Don't expect to see much of the world, and the duty rosters for subs alongside can be challenging , depending on what branch you are in. The extra pay is still there, but I've always prefered to see daylight from time to time. The medical standards for entry into the sub service are stringent, so there is no guarantee that you'll be accepted into it even if you get through the gates at Raleigh. You can join, go to sea as a skimmer, and then volunteer for subs.

    Notwithstanding the above, the only source of advice you should take as gospel is the AFCIO, everything you read on sites such as this one is merely opinion

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