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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MUD, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. MUD

    MUD Midshipman

    Hey, I am a student in the middle of my first year at uni studying Physics. Although the course is okay (most of it anyway!) I don't really feel like it's going anywhere - yes I'll get a degree out of it but I'll also get a huge pile of debt. I never really looked into the Navy seriously before as I always just assumed I was going down the uni route but now I'm not so sure it's for me.

    Basically I'm wondering what my chances would be applying for an officer role if I left uni? I have good A Levels and took a gap year travelling so have some sort of life experience outside just studying and living at home. I've also been a part of Scouts and Cadets. I'm interested in Warface or Logistics but they're so competitive, would dropping out create a bad impression? Do most people who go for Officer roles have a degree? I haven't been to the AFCO yet as I'm still not 100% sure, so any thoughts would be much appreciated :)
  2. As long as you have 180 UCAS points from your A levels then you can apply to be an officer. You do not have to have a degree and after looking on the RN website I'd say roughly 60%ish of officers have a degree. The most important thing is that you can show potential leadership skills. The process takes as long as it takes you to complete each stage and therefore you could do the application process while you're still studying at uni because in most cases it takes about a year (from going into the AFCO for the first time to going to BRNC).

    I'd recommend doing as much research as possible on these forums and on the RN website to make sure it's a career you definitely want.

    (I'm sure someone more experienced will be able to answer your questions in a bit more detail!)
  3. Join an URNU and show them yer warface! That way you get the best of both worlds.
  4. Weren't you just here a minute ago wondering whether or to finish your Masters?
  5. MUD

    Welcome to Rum Ration.

    I wonder whether this might be an alternative for you?

    Defence Technical Officer and Engineer Entry Scheme (DTOEES) — Defence Technical Officer and Engineer Entry Scheme (DTOEES)
  6. 2 different posters.
  7. MUD

    MUD Midshipman

    Thanks, that looks great and they have an office in my university to so I'll go and talk to them. I'm not sure they accept students doing Physics though, it might just be engineers, but thanks for the link :)

    I did look into URNU to but I think my nearest one is in Birmingham and I can't really get there too easily. I have exams at the moment so I'm going to see how they go and then go and talk to the AFCO to try and find out more. Thanks for all the replies :)
  8. A physics degree is a good 'technical' degree.
    It will be more than useful.
    Good luck with your future.
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  9. Re the DTOEES, if you click on the entry for the Squadron which covers your University in the link I gave you, you will see an e-mail address for them. It might be worth spending two minutes sending them a brief e-mail, asking whether you could possibly be considered for a transfer to them. Even if they say no, someone from amongst them might be a useful source of advice for you and within your own Uni too.

    The DTOEES option does only apply if you are considering WEO, of course. I have put it forward as a possibility just because you are reading Physics and thought you might like the idea.

    If you do stay with Physics, this should allow you to consider WEO at a later date.
  10. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    MUD, whilst it may seem odd as you start to consider staring a Naval career also think about how long that might actually last and what you might subsequently do.

    Warfare skills are broadly not that commercially sought after (all being quite honest), Logistics skills are but getting in as a Logs Officer is usually relatively hard with a very good AIB pass and a good set of academics required. You could look at Engineering as Soleil has suggested. With all three branches you will have opportunity for further post grad training but Engineering probably has wider choice and a wider choice of employment internally and externally thereafter.

    Its just something to consider, there is always the "golden handshake" too, not sure the current value but there was talk of a £20k sign on inducement. Might assist with any student debt!
  11. MUD

    MUD Midshipman

    I'd heard rumors about the 'golden handshake' but never anything like £20k, are there really so few engineers around?! Also, does anyone know if the DTOEES is only for Weapons Engineering, or can you go into Marine or Air Engineering? Thanks everyone, this is really helpful - I've been lurking on the forum for ages and it's a great resourse :)
  12. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    If I remember and have time I'll try to clarify details of the golden handshake.

    The DTOEES scheme is open to all flavours of engineering but I would suspect the manners shape the numbers in each entry to try and match the Naval requirement - I am be incorrect there.
  13. I haven't really looked into officer roles but I thought it would be more than 180 points, could've tried to apply for an officer. Oh well, I'm happy with what I've chosen anyway. :)
  14. MUD

    MUD Midshipman

    The Navy website says all you need is 180 UCAS points but you can go for graduate entry as well. What are you going to do? :)
  15. Ah rightio :) warfare specialist, but it seems to be taking a while for my doctor to send off my medical records. :/ can't wait to move onto the fitness stage! How about you? :D
  16. MUD

    MUD Midshipman

    Thinking about Warfare Officer but definitely going to look into engineering roles too now. I have exams this January at uni so going to wait and see how they go before I decide whether to stay or go I think. The only thing is my eyesight isn't great - minus 5.25 and 5.50 - so I'm only just within the limits now and if I wait too long it might get worse :/ Trying to get my fitness levels up to scratch too so taking advantage of the cheap gym membership here!
  17. Currently training for warfare myself. If I were you I'd finish my degree. Most here are graduates, but more importantly I don't think you can really know the navy's for you till you get some experience of it. You can't go wrong with a physics degree to back you up. That said by the time you get in you won't be paid more than non graduates so it's a closer call than it used to be.

    As for warfare vs engineering that's purely your preference. You could get paid shedloads as an ME if you fancied going subs.
  18. Thats a good point.
    Nuclear Engineering officer has to be part physicist so a deg in the subject might be useful.
    Plus as a bonus they pay you more money than you know what to do with.
  19. MUD

    MUD Midshipman

    I would LOVE to do Nuclear Engineering, it's one of my favourite topics and I find it absolutely fascinating. Unfortunately I'm a girl so can't go anywhere near a submarine :( But on the plus side the DTOEES emailed me back and the DTUS does fund my course - I always thought it was only for straight engineering subjects so never considered it before.
  20. MUD. the first female officer joins the submarine service in April.

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