Joining Aussie Army after 22 yrs in RM - Info Reqd

I'm retiring from the Corps next August and am seriously considering joining the Aussie Army as this is a viable option for ex-SNCO's from UK Forces up to age 48. What i'm after is speaking or corresponding with someone who has made this switch in the reasonably near past (3-5 years or less). Alternatively if you know someone who has joined and would be able to put me in touch with them i would be grateful (e-mail below).
I have done a great deal of research via the internet into the Aus Army and have received the application forms via their website i now want to talk to someone from UK who has made the switch and get some "ground truth" on pay, conditions, attitude etc etc.

Many thanks,


[email protected]
Hey Booty, I'm just coming towards the end of the process - out there in September. pm me if you want although I am not a booty, I am going into Oz Army

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