Joining at the right time??

Hi All

I am new to this site so please bear with me! I have also tried the search toolbar to answer this question but no luck so hoping one of you may be able too....
I am currently waiting to go to AIB and am hoping to go for Logistics, the issue is that I am currently 27 and am in a long term relationshipwith my partnerand our 1 year old daughter. My life long ambition has been to join the RN and my partner is well aware of this and fully supports my application (i know I'm lucky)!
Are there do you know many that get to BRNC at my age or in my predicament? Having been through the AFCO most of the other applicants were at least 5 years younger, am I too old?
P.S., Should have mentioned this will be my second attempt at AIB having tried 3 years ago and asked to return in a year (job, partner, baby, blah blah blah) and now am trying again.
Any help would be very gratefully received.
Thanks all and great site!
Mate I'm a rejoin but by the time I get back in I will either be 29 or 30, engaged oh and ny the way I'm going for a completely different branch. Don't let age be a factor if possible.


Lantern Swinger
Well I specifically became single for my prep for my SIFT and AIB, however I'm 27 now and due to start BRNC on Monday (28 in 3 weeks time. How the time flies). I had my AIB almost 4 weeks ago.
Age isn't the issue (unless you are going for warfare, which you're not).

If you've sat the AIB twice before and have since taken a 3 year break because of issues, I'm sure you'll be fine if you've learnt from your mistakes.
Cheers Guys
And best of luck at BRNC - hopefully will only be a while until I am there as well. This is going to be my second attempt at AIB and certainly have learnt from where I have gone wrong previously!
Good luck
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