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Joining at 39

Hi new to the forum.

Just a post to find out about joining the RN via the Graduate Marine Officer route.

I noticed the joining age had been increased from 37 to 39.

I am 39 years of age, and fall wihin the requirements. I have recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Have contemplated joining for the past few years. After some consideration and research, I have submitted an online application, that has now been processed, currentlty awaiting on a date for the testing and applicarion process to continue.

Have any forum members joined at this age, and pass on any advice, they may have at this stage.

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Best of luck to you, im late 20's i have submitted my application aswell and was concerned about my age, but on twitter i follow HMS Raleigh and every day they upload pictures on each group and how they are progressing and i do see a few older guys and girls progressing along and it boosts my self confidence in the matter.

i guess as long as you are physically fit, and can do the training they will be happy, not only with that but the wealth of life experience you'll be bringing but for the support you can provide to younger recruits.

as a side note, ive had a very sedentary life for the last 8 years (no excuses why, just laziness) and took up running 5 weeks back, well what a shock that was, but my mile and a half time is now down to 12 minutes instead of 18 when i started! so my only concern to be honest is my physical fitness, which im working on.
Well, I'm applying at 43 as a Medical Officer. Working my way through the process slowly and working on my fitness at the same time.
The Service Entry Medical Cell wanted to see a 12 week fitness dairy which I have just submitted, although this was probably more to do with having declared a history of back problems rather than age.
It's certainly given me an incentive to get fitter which has got to be a good thing, whatever the outcome!
If you are 39 at the time of application, be aware that officer applications take a long time, it may be the case that you need to start training prior to your 40th birthday, but I would speak to the AFCO about this.

Good luck with everything
Many thanks for you replies, and information noted and taken onboard.

I have arranged for some tomorrow to visit my local AFCO to discuss the above.

Determined to make a go of this, and see what the future holds.
Wow, just wow (as they say!).

Aged 39 I was on a sneaky patrol boat running out of Faslane and counting the days to the completion of my 22 (23 actually) years.

I could not even begin to contemplate joining up at that age - the fitness, BS and low pay are just some of the things that spring to mind.

Anyway, good luck to you and hope it goes the way you want it to!

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