joining at 36- good decision?

I'm bored with my civilian job and want some adventure and a chance to achieve something; I'm interested in Royal Navy as a career, at my age joining as a rating. I'm not from a military background and I'm worried that I'm a bit old for all this, however i'm open to new things and would welcome a challenging way of life. Can anyone shed some light on what it would be like as a mature entrant?
Yes I looked at that- it's certainly an option- only problem ive got is despite holding a degree my maths GCSE was grade C and they are asking for B or higher. I'm also thinking of retaking my GCSE.


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I think that the lowest wait at the moment is around the 18 month mark, thats from the time certain elements of the recruiting process have been completed. Have a look at the Newbies threads they will give you some idea.

One of the AFCO people will no doubt be along at some stage to give you more accurate information.

To save Sol. asking loads of questions before getting to the point, could you supply your inside leg measurement.

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