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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by becky_w_84, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. hiya im thinking of joining up this year, im 25 and fookin fed up with life at the moment and want some fun! am i too old? :oops:
    ive worked in the camping industry in europe for a few summers but now feel ive outgrown it and want a serious career but a laugh at the same time!!
    how old are the new recruits on average??
    my mates based in pompey and loves it.
    not sure about my fitness either, at the mo im managing 2.1km in 15mins so im not doing too bad! can do millions of sit ups but struggle a bit with push ups, am only able to do about 8 with my knees on the floor.
    what else do they ask you to do and are girls allowed to do push-ups on their knees?


  2. im 27
    i leave for Raleigh in 5 weeks

    i know im probably going to be the oldest one there, but that doesnt bother me :p
  3. Hi

    I do not think that 25 is too old, i've heard of people joining older than that.

    I do not know the time for someone your age for the mile and a half (2.4km) but that is all you need to do for the pre joining fitness test (PJFT).
  4. The Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT) must be completed before you will be accepted for training; this consists of a 2.4km run on a treadmill at a selected civilian fitness test centre which must be completed within the following times:

    Age Male PJFT Female PJFT
    15 - 24 12 mins 20 secs 14 mins 35 secs
    25 - 29 12 mins 48 secs 15 mins 13 secs
    30 - 34 13 mins 18 secs 15 mins 55 secs
    35 - 39 13 mins 49 secs 16 mins 40 secs

    hope this helps you
  5. Firstly, you're not too old, the upper age limit is 38 and there are regularly recruits in their thirties joining training.

    Your fitness can be worked on, for the PJFT you will need to get 14:35. Easily achievable with some training and also the added motivation of your chosen new career.

    Female ratings carry out press ups on their knees for the tests, although I had heard that this is to change.

    Good luck, there's no shortage of fun in the RN and you'll enjoy it.
  6. Hi Becky,

    25 is not too old, I am 31 and there are a few older than me currently joining up.

    as for fitness this link should help.


  7. If you're single and in your mid to late 20s I say go for it.

    I still can't fathom why married men in their mid 30s want to clean toilets and share a messdeck with 17 year olds.

    Just my opinion, good luck to those giving it a go.
  9. What branch was you thinking of becky?
  10. Click the link
  11. ive done a fair bit of clerical and admin work for the nhs so i thought id give that a go
  12. i tried getting in the army at 16 and at the selection centre it was full of dog rough girls, proper bully types.
    im a bit worried about bullies in the navy altho im sure it isnt as bad
  13. Seriously don't worry about that becky. Can't say it never happens, but it's very rare and is, in my experience, dealt with firmly. Do not let that worry put you off.
  14. You can act as sea mum to the juniors (all males aged 16 upwards) who will be missing mum and home. How do you feel about dhobeying and ironing for the rest of your class? ;)

    Welcome onboard HMS Rum Ration. I wish you well if you decide to join up. :thumbup:
  15. I`ll be 26 years and 1 month old when I go to BRNC in April.

    A word of warning, I started applying when I was 24 years and 10 months old and I had to fight and scrap to get an age waiver (max age is 26).

    So start your application as soon as possible if you want to be an officer and then consider the different aspects of what joining the service means whilst you are twiddling your thumbs waiting for things to materialise.
  16. I was 24 when I went through phase 1 training and wasn't the oldest in my class by a long stretch, you're certainly not too old, though you will have to put up with some who are a lot younger and possibly a lot less mature.

    Give it a go, you can leave any time in the first 6 months anyway, so what's to lose?

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