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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mute007, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. I passed all the tests in June/July 09 and still waiting for a joining date. Anyone else in the same situation?
  2. The waiting time for WS is now at about 24 months. Therefore you can expect to join in roughly Jun/Jul 2011. You will noramlly get roughly 6 months notice of your joining date.

    If in any doubt give your careers advisor a ring to confirm.


  3. your in the same boat as me mate i passed all tests august 09 am still waiting for my joining date
  4. Same as me. Passed everything in July and still waiting. Im going in as an MA though. Ive been estimated the same wait as you!
  5. Must be hell especially as the "Sheep" aren't doing so well at the moment!!!

    Couple of nice wins for you recently though!!


  6. good couple of wins?? I dont call thrashing Newcastle, who havent had 3 goals put past them all season, a good win!!! Its Fcuking Fantasitic lol!!!!

    Shame they cant play like that week in week out lol. Its horrible beating teams like Newc and Forest then losing to Scunthorpe and the Green army lol!!!
  7. try beating teams like chelsea 8)
  8. We were due a heavy defeat tbh we (newcastle) have been playing pretty poor recently except against cardiff. plus we lost to scunny and drew with the mighty green army
  9. 24 months....bloody hell

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