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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Teegan, Nov 19, 2014.

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  1. Hello all!

    I am looking to hopefully join the Navy as a commissioned officer. I recently finished University and spent the summer travelling and now want to start an application to join the Navy. My family is a military family with my sister a Cptn over at the RMPS. Now I have a niggling question, I am transgender, male to female if you must know, but still in the pre-stages of hormone therapy (the bit that makes you look different), now I haven't been down to Guilford (my local center) yet to talk to them face to face about it because at the moment I just look like a guy.

    I'd be fully okay with taking any fitness tests under the 'male' category as I'm aware hormones do little to change your fully body under 2 years of length on them. I spent my youth in the cadets working up to Petty Officer Cadet and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in the cadets.

    Now I either see it going a two ways considering I pass the tests that is.

    1. They flat out refuse to let me join
    2. I'd be allowed to join but only until such time I could present female full time

    I know I'm a big man thing at the moment standing at 6ft 3" and I know I'm going to be laughed at, but I want a career in the Navy and I don't want to let anything hold me back.

    Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    There will be VERY robust mod action in place on this thread. Sensible answers only.
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  3. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    You will not be the first or the last to raise that question. I know of a few people who have swapped (forgive me if that is the wrong word but I don't know of any other way of putting it) and they are carrying on as before. When I get the chance I will try and raise the subject and get more info for you.
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  5. The Ministry of Defense is an equal opportunities employer therefore they wouldn't be able to just "flat out refuse" entry because of your gender.
  6. I know of two in the RN who went through the process whilst currently serving, however I can not answer your questions on joining up whilst in the process of going through transgender orientation. Hopefully someone will be able to assist you in your quest for answers.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    So far as I can recall full gender reassignment must be successfully completed before an application can proceed beyond the medical stage of selection.

    Rest assured there are several transgender personnel currently serving in the UK Armed Forces.

    I can't post the specific reference link as I'm on a mobile, but think the regulations are under eligibility criteria in the following reference book:

    If I can get the precise details I'll post them in due course.

    Best of luck.
  8. There was a writer in 2006 who joined Raleigh as the finished article transgender wise (don't know how to put that another way). She finished Phase 1 and 2 successfully and the last I heard was in the fleet.

    I also know of a CPO Gunner who had the op whilst still serving and is still in the fleet.

    Short answer, yes you can join, there was a thread about this ages ago IIRC.
  9. Wrecker I believe the CPO AWW is now time done.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The issue, so far as I'm aware, is that whilst people have undergone full transgender reassignment after joining, a person yet to join but already undergoing reassignment, must be free from non-permanent treatment.
  11. While wishing you all the best, as I'm sure most members of this forum will also, can I chuck a bit of Devil's Advocacy in here? You successfully join and are in your first ship, and your shipmates find out or you tell them. Would the blokes not take the piss in a sort of gentle bonhomie sort of way while the female members of the crew could express discomfort at being mixed in with them, or wouldn't you tell them? The mob is becoming equal/diverse in so many ways that I doubt you'd run into any problems and if you did those problems are easily suppressed. Good luck. :cool:
  12. You know who I meant then, I think she was nearing her 22 when I last saw her.
  13. Hi Teegan,
    A quick google search found this:

    0513. Transsexuals

    a. Candidates claiming to be transsexuals are to be processed and treated like any other candidate. They must meet the same entry criteria for their chosen Branch of Preference as other applicants.

    b. Individuals who are receiving medical counselling or treatment towards gender re- assignment should have their entry deferred until all treatments are complete. Those who have undergone gender re-assignment will continue to require hormone replacement therapy, but this is not a bar to entry. (See 2009DIN01-07 Para 22.)

    c. In cases where there are additional concerns, from either the candidate or the AFCO, candidates can be referred to the SMO SE. However, this is only to be done if the candidate consents to this line of referral.

    Best of luck with your career in the RN
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  14. I know not everybody is comfortable talking about things like this or especially knowledgeable, I just wondered if anybody could answer these questions and
    Unfortunately due to my body shape it might be inherently obvious, but then again I haven't started the process yet so no telling what the results could be. To be honest, as long as it isn't too bad I think it'll be fine, you've got to have a tough skin. But hopefully all that won't matter, what will matter is feeling comfortable in my own skin, and for that I will pay any price.

    Thanks for the help on here, for some reason I thought I was doomed. I am going to proceed with arranging a meeting at my local office, thing is, should I mention it to them there or just see how long the joining process is going to take, because the NHS is pitifully slow with these sorts of issues and treatments.

    Thanks :)
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  15. Ignore ignorant comments and don't worry about everyone else's opinion. Years ago it might have been ok for people to express their 'discomfort' with someone's identity but in todays navy thankfully you don't have to put up with that. People are open minded and if they're not they shouldn't be there and will eventually be flushed out.

    Hope all goes well for you.
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  16. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I find that people take you for who you are. Some may take the mickey but generally the mob is fine. If you do get stick give some back.
    I wish you good luck.
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  17. Personally I'd let them know all the facts from the outset.
  18. OK I'll bite and flounce back for this,one. Your attitude of intolerance to those who may have issues is just as bigoted as those with issues. A mess or wardroom free of banter will be a cold place to be. Live and let live by all means but do not force your ideals onto other serving members. Will the Navy no longer be able to jest about what football team you support, what branch you are, where you come from.........
    To the OP best of luck but don't expect there to be no comments from your fellow serving members.
    On a final note Chopp with an attitude like that, your time onboard as a OUT/JO is going to be soooo much fun and such a learning curve.
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  19. "Your attitude of intolerance to those who may have issues"
    I was questioning whether or not to respond to this drivel.
    The questioner wanted some feedback on discrimination within the navy, not banter. You make no sense. I simply pointed out that if you're in the navy that you haven't signed up for a free-for-all where all sorts of intolerances and opinions are accepted, rather you've signed up to the way of life and values of the navy - Which are based on respect, tolerance and understanding applicable to ALL service members.
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  20. Now Chopp95 please remind us all of how long you have served in the RN so that you may qualify your above statement.
    It is far too long since I served for me to be able to comment on attitudes to either homosexuals or transgender personal due to my RN not allowing either to serve.
    Yes we did have homosexual sailors and we knew some of them, the way they were treated depended entirely on the way that they lived their lives. Most were good lads and kept to their own kind, some seemed to be attracted to young sailors and were normally warned off. Most were good at their jobs and also good company, however they kept a low profile due to wishing to remain in the service.
    I would like to hear from RR members who are currently serving and have been in for over 5 years to see what the attitudes are really like towards these minorities, or are they too frightened to speak due to the restraints of the service on delicate issues.
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