Joining as an MA

Hi, I am currently waiting for my start date to join as an MA. Just wondering if anyone has any useful information or tips for Raleigh and MA training in general? Also, what's the best way to increase the probability that i can get on a ship and not in a hospital? Thanks


War Hero
Two very valid points above.

The odd thing about some of those in branches that don't go to sea as often as others is that the longer they serve, the less inclined they are to actually want to serve at sea. The good news for those who do want to serve at sea (and gain swifter advancement/promotion) is they can simply volunteer early out of turn.

Not an MA myself, but as a young, single individual in my early service years, I just went from ship to ship, with just the odd professional qualifying course ashore. Nowadays with fewer hulls, it can be a little more challenging getting to sea but fortunately the bigger ships provide more afloat billets so the future for those aspiring to serve at sea is likely to be bright.