Joining as an ET, WAFU or skimmer?

Hi guys

bit new to this site

I am 24 and wish to join as an ET but do not know weather to go the fleet air arm route or ET(WE) as i do not know which branches are recuiting at present

Plus my careers advisor has been a little less than helpful on this subject

Any advice from lads in the branch would be very much appreciated

All branches are recruiting. However, there are always waiting times for joining.

AET - 3 months

ET(ME) - 6 months

ET (WE) - 8 months

If you fancy Subs then you can half the times.

Hope this helps


rather than looking at waiting times you need to be thinking about what you want to be spending your days/nights/weekends/shoreleave fixing. im sure some of the other guys will be able to help you out with more in-depth honest job descriptions than what you have been told. but dont just go for the shortest waiting time because for the sake of three months now you could spend your whole RN life wishing you had chosen something else.
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