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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by ChocolativeDigestives, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Hello,

    I've just been given my training entry date which is mid next year, I'll be joining as an AET, however I first have a couple questions!

    In the letter I have just received it says I'm joining as an AET 2nd class? How does this differ to 1st class? Or is that a stupid question?!

    Also do any of you know any ways that I can give myself the best preparation I can for the training course? My fitness doesn't really need to be worked on, I have that nailed I think I may just get a little more stuck on the technical parts!

    Also what things will I do on PRNC? How can I best prepare for that also?

    Thank you!
  2. You will be second class until you finish QM/QS (basically your final step in training) then you will earn your star and be a real woo.

    Remember RN by the grace of God, Fleet Air Arm by ability. Don't let these nasty fisheads tell you any different!

    Especially WreckerL!!

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  3. Ah I was thinking I'd been put on 2nd class because I wasn't qualified for 1st class or something!

    Thank you for that!
  4. Just make sure it is never 2nd class for conduct...
  5. Ignore JFH's comment, he only went woo because the ME's wouldn't have him :D
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  6. And I did well in school

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  7. Let the Navy train you. Don't run before you can walk. Pre-empting what the RN will train you on will be a waste of your time. Keep up to speed on maths and your fitness and enjoy yourself prior to joining.

    You will not impress anyone by being the class smart arse learning stuff you won't need. Training is about team work not just yourself.
  8. Nothing wrong with swotting up on basics, theory of flight, what the flaps, ailerons, rudder do?

    As Waspie said, crack on with the maths, a good basic grasp of ohms law would help.

    I know fellow "graduate" design engineers at my place of work who have trouble with the difference between the flaps and ailerons!

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  9. I was thinking of that, but considering I know little of the correct procedures etc would it be better to half train myself?

    I see where you're coming from though, if I get an idea of doing something and get into a habit, and then they tell me to do it differently, well it can be hard changing a habit!

    I'm fully ontop of my fitness, I'll give maths a little lookover though!

    Thank you!
  10. So just to have a bit of knowledge about the parts and functions of aircraft?

  11. My bold - NO!
    You will swot up on what you 'think' you need to know and you most likely will be way off the mark. Just stick to basics. Flying control surfaces as JFH says. Terms for aircraft parts but don't please go too deep into the subject. Both rotary and fixed wing, remember the RN currently has no operational FW aircraft so I would concentrate on helicopters for starters.

    The RN has it's own way of getting info into you so don't go off half cocked.

    Remember you have to pass basic training before you even get to think of Pt2 training. So one step at a time.
  12. Google for example, aircraft undercarriage and look at what makes up a basic one.

    Be careful, the RN call things by the correct name crabs and civvies make the names up as they go along

    I was taught resistor values, never thought it would ever come in handy after nearly 30 years and then 2 weeks ago....


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  13. Do you remember it by Bill Brown Ran Out Yelling Gor Blimey Violet Get Weaving or the other non PC way that we were all taught "back in the day" ;)
  14. I say would these chaps be batting for the other side?:p
    Even as a pinkie I knew all about flaps:eek:
  15. Come-on. Most matelots know about flaps!!!!:mad:
  16. Deffo the non PC way, even mrs JFH was shocked and said you wouldn't get away with it these days and was surprised they did back then?

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  17. Chocolate digestives, is your start date march?
  18. Nope it's May 10th, 4 days after my birthday! Haha! My PRNC is in January though!
  19. Sorry mate I've had a mixup there we have the same start date!. My PRNC is in February? take it your doing yours down south?
  20. Ah awesome! I had the AFCO call today saying he'll ring me in November to go through PRNC tickets etc as it's in January! Yeah I'm doing it in Collingwood in Portsmouth, you?

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