Joining as a Warfare Officer


Sorry if there is already a thread on this!

Basically I am applying for the position of a warfare officer and I just wanted to know a more personal account of the process.

I was going to join when I was 17/18 but I didn't feel old enough as I hadn't had a job before! So I went to university, got two jobs one in retail and one at the university. Joined the rugby team and became the captain (and managed to win the league after 10 years of losing), took part in Gold Duke of Edinburgh and have almost finished it, just have the residential part to finish.

So I used to be very shy and overweight but I sorted myself out and now go to the gym a lot...etc! I am just worried that I'm not going to have the leadership skills to do well as an officer.

I would love to hear some stories of what people have gone through in the recruitment process and being in the navy. I would also like to hear more detail of what being a warfare officer entails. Any tips would be great too and look forward to hearing them!


Your current situation seems almost identical to my future plans haha I'm 16 going on 17 and need to get a lot more leadership experience before I feel ready to apply as a Warfare Officer. Maybe you could volunteer as staff at a Sea Cadet unit or scouts or something like that to get more experience?


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Firstly Maz let others be the judge of your leadership potential. Some take to it like a duck to water while others acquire the skills needed over a longer period. BRNC will show you how to be a leader but you need to have the confidence and self belief to use that instruction. Don't go to your AIB saying you doubt your own ability to be an officer. Better to say you've not had much chance to show leadership thus far but you are anxious to learn and build on what you already have.

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