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I've recently started the application to hopefully become a Warfare Officer (surface). Whilst on the phone to my ACLO they said that surface WO was getting really over-saturated and for me to manage my expectations, however the submariner role would be significantly less competitive and thus more likely to be offered a position.
Ideally I would prefer to be a part of the surface fleet and I will probably continue to apply for the surface role instead, I'm just wondering if its even possible (and if so how difficult, timelines etc) for a submariner to eventually transfer to the surface fleet?
And also is it true that the subs rarely, if ever, get to dock at foreign ports?

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If you get on A boats, your runs ashore a reasonable. If you get V boats then you'll see nothing except Faslane.
I don't think the skills are portable, as submarine warfare is a totally different skill set.
That being said.. experienced SM warfare officers are prized commodities in the surface fleet, as they bring a totally different perspective.
I think moving from the SM world to general service is much easier for officers than ratings. Particularly for the Exec branch.

I know this is a bit hazy but I hope it helps.

The final thing to note is that the majority of the RN upper echelon were submariners.

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In my experience, I’ve seen two SM go GS in my 23 year career. They have failed perisher and gone GS PWO (U). They have been exceptional as [mention]Biker Buster [/mention] has said.

It all comes down to what you want, if you want GS it’s worth the wait. Don’t sell out to hope in the fact, maybe you might get GS down the line.

SM is very much a niche market, to that end not many come across to GS. Unless they do something silly.

T&B, do what YOU think it best, not what MAY happen. I wanted to be a TIFF and ultimately I enjoyed being an operator. I’m glad I did it.

Good luck.

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