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Note: I may ask some naive questions, so apologies in advance! ;)

After several years working in Financial Services (Strategy and Planning Manager at a Bank), I have made the decision to apply for the RN as a Warfare Officer - I wanted to join when I was younger, however, due to several reasons at the time I was unable to.

I visit the RN website as way of staying up to date with things and happened to notice the recruitment age for officers has shot up yo 39. Lucky me! o_O:D Due to changing circumstances, I am now able to peruse my lifelong ambition.

Before committing to the RN until retirement, I was hoping you could help me answer a few questions the AFCO haven’t been able to answer for me:

1- Joining at 31 (given the ‘new employment model’), what are my realistic progression prospects i.e. what is a realistic rank to aspire to (Captain or maybe higher...)?
2- I know people don’t often talk about money, but this will be quite a significant reduction in earnings for me. I am currently earning £55k a year in my current job, how many years and promotions will I requiere to earn this much in the RN?
3- I don’t know whether to go Submariner or Surface WO, what role has better prospects, longevity and is more exciting?

Thank you in advance.
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I mean, by the same age you’ll be an OOW (c34) I was an XO of a Frigate. By the time you qualify as a Navigator (c38) you’ll be older than I was on assuming Command of a Frigate.

If you can cope with that - and I suspect the biggest thing will be your family situation - then you’ll have a fulfilling career. In many ways, you’ll be an SUY in terms of age profile. Given that an ex-CPO is now my CM, has had SO1 Command and is short finals for promotion to Capt RN at about 47/48.


Answering my own questions here, hopefully this will help others in the future... through a bit of research in the depths of google I have found the following document. It seems to contain all MOD acronyms in it... although CM has 14 definitions.

Am I correct in saying SO1 (Staff Officer 1) is a Commander or OF4 (NATO ranks) and CM is capability Manager?
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