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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Hi all. First post in a long time! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a good new year!

    Okay on to the question. I am currently doing the course to become a RNLD and at the end of it and a year or 2 experience I was wondering if I could join as a registered nurse. The question is really as LD is a specialist area can you join or is it just RNA and RMHN that can join?

    Hope someone can help thanks
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You may have to wait till morning for a sensible answer old chap. Angry Doc is on the whisky at present.
  3. Whisky doesn't impair my sarcasm! My only annoyance is that my iPad corrects whisky to whiskey. Irish crap.

    Not many people are accepted into the RN with learning difficulties so you may need to change specialisation. Joining as a RMHN is possible but you need to speak to the nursing recruiters - the QARNNS are a law unto themselves.
  4. Yeah I didn't think the LD part would be useful for the navy. However you are still a registered nurse so this is the part that confused me. Appreciate the advice angrydoc thanks
  5. He's not a registered nurse, he's a doctor.
  6. Sorry I think that came across wrong. I didn't mean it as in angrydoc was a nurse. I meant it as in your still a registered nurse regardless of the specialisation.
  7. :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
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  8. I hear AD likes to dress as a nurse with all the kinky under where, does that count?
  9. Being a bit fick loike, what do all those acronyms mean?
  10. You said it. There are no acronyms in that post :joker:.
  11. Typical bloody scribes :read2: :roll: Alright then, what do all those initials mean :scratch: ^_~
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  12. Dunno :D.

    LD will be learning difficulties though. That I DO know!

    Edit: And RNA is that pub you shower (sorry...language!) frequent outside Drake main gate.
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  13. I got the LD bit (can't think why!)
  14. Okay whether or not you were being serious about what the abbreviations were I shall answer.

    RNLD- registered nurse learning difficulties
    RNA- registered nurse adult which is the same as general nurse
    RNMH/RMHN- registered nurse mental health/ registered mental health nurse

    and the comment about being thick going by the fact you probably knew what they meant. Not very appreciated.

    edit for spelling.
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  15. English version? Seriously. No dig, just no idea what that means.
  16. Well maybe I got it wrong but going by what was said I presumed you's were having a dig at the LD part. Which I don't find very funny.
  17. I'm not sure how informing someone that LD stands for learning difficulties is having a 'dig' at anything and really don't give a fish's tit what you find funny.

    I have said nothing to offend your sensitive little soul, but come on, tempt me some more...
  18. Calm down, it was actually a serious question. I sussed the LD bit by the response to your post by AD, it wasn't that difficult.

    If you are succesful in joining up you'll find the military lurve acronyms and initials, you won't know whay they all mean unless you ask ( and wifey has a degree in education specialising in that field, I didn't know there wa a branch of nursing that dealt with it) :thumbup:
  19. So its all changed then since SRN. RMN. RMNS.
  20. I believe QPR did OK the other day.

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