Joining as a rating with a degree

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Blackberry, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to join as a rating with a degree and work up to Chief Petty Officer/ Warrant Officer within a couple of years? Are you able to join as an Able rate then be considered for senior rates and be promoted to CPO from AB?

    I have a degree but I'm not interested in the occifer type.
  2. No.

    Next question.
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  3. Only if you have a degree in fine art. That will get you straight in as a Chief Writer.
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  4. Blackberry, as you have a degree you could always take the fast track route, estimated time AB to WO1 around 22 months.
  5. Everyone has a degree these days. My Sister was unemployed for a bit, so she decided to go and get a degree.

    She got a 2:1.

    Now she works in a call centre on minimum wage with a load of other ***** who also have degrees.

    What makes you so special you ******* zip sniffer?
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  6. Wow.

    What branch are you applying for thread starter?

  7. So your sisters a **** then?
  8. Yes. Next question. My killick diver had one.
  9. But your Killick diver didn't make chief or WO2 in a couple of years, or did he? :grin:
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  10. Wow, would be interesting if he's got through the RT. Maybe he's going pongo...

    Whats a zip sniffer anyway?
  11. Is the fast track true or a wind up?
  12. I had to wait about 4-5 years after I joined up but I managed to get three degrees. 'When will I see you again'. Here I am 40 odd years later and I've lost the record so back to square one again with no degrees!!! :grin:
  13. I can't talk about what I think your talking about on an open forum. Sorry.

    Good luck with your search. (may they find you^_~)
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  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Maybe. Those pongoes are right twats.
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  15. I was going to let this go but i am in a really shit mood and as i am trapped on a train i have no real person to vent to. It really bugs me this attitude that some people without degrees assume that people with degrees think they're the bomb diggity. He was just asking about promotion prospects, didnt say he was too good to be a rating or whatever, just appears to have aspirations- what a knob right. A degree is not a golden ticket to a wonderful job nor does it make you better than people that enter the workforce instead of continue in academia. But with hard work in other areas as well such as gaining work experience and partaking in other activities it can open doors for you, and even if it doesn't it is just as commendable as someone making their way in a career for 3 years. If your sister cannot find suitable employment then perhaps consider a postgrad to obtain a profession, many of which come with attractive bursaries.

    If someone could bring me a drip filled with lambrini and some jaffa cakes that would lift my mood. Thx.
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  16. Are you telling me there are people in the UK under the age of 30 who don't have a degree? I thought everyone had one?
  17. Errr, bomb diggity - please explain to an old fart! Sorry non drinker with a shortage of Jaffa Cakes.
  18. Apparently yeah..what is more surprising is that none of them go into professions such as teaching, nursing anymore- they all work in call centres.

    Waspie: it means amazing and usually relates to people rather than events or inanimate objects- so 'he is the bomb diggity'. I don't use it in spoken language but my thumbs felt it appropriate to type mid rant.
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  19. Mmmmmmm Jaffa cakes! I love the raspberry ones, but any will do - box at a time I'm afraid, as once started they all have to go, else they go off!

    And no, I'm not a bloater!
  20. Wait...they make raspberry ones?! I feel excited that they exist yet repulsed in myself that i was not aware of their existance! It is impossible to just eat one or two, has to be at least a good third of the box. Then the other two thirds...

    And yes, i would be a bloater if i was weak and always gave in to jaffas, right now though that monent on the lips would be worth a lifetime on the hips as the saying goes.

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