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Hello I'M an NHS Paramedic that's considering joining the RFA as a medical technician I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the job, pay and conditions


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A regular question with regular answers. Type medical technician into the site search engine and prepare to be informed and amazed.


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You're right Canoe, the amount of matches on this sight using the search function only brings up 28!!!!!


The quota for this year has been filled with next years quota looking like ONE place.
During the initial shift, what is looked for, is working as a medic in singleton role with preference in a sea/off shore environment (ideally with a military background).
The RFA Med Tech enters on the Band C Med Tech Pay Struture (mid PO level) with advancement to Band B (Practitioner) CPO level, on completion of various courses such as the Off Medic Course, FA instructor, Enclosed Rescue, Risk Assessor etc etc. At that stage and after a two month mentorship onboard with a experience Med Tech you will appointed to your first ship as a singleton medic.
As you may realise we are looking for candidates who bring singleton medic skills across into the RFA as the service does not trained up a medic from basic, but add on various additional qualification needed to carry out the role of a RFA Med Tech.

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Thank you Mad-Doc this information really helps. I do a lot of RRV shifts so tend to work alone on a car as first paramedic

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