Joining as a Medical Assistant (SM)

Not me - one of my lads is joining in January.

Any Medial Assistants here?

Any advice you can give on the branch as a whole, the training etc, would be most welcome.

MA ain't hard to do, I managed not to kill anyone in 11 years so that speaks volumes.
Stood me in good stead to become a Paramedic in civvy street and good money to go with it.
We won't explore where else it took me.
To the OP, I would never have missed the experience for anything. I have never experienced the loyalty and camaraderie I found as a member of a submarine's ship's company before I volunteered or since. The best years of my naval service.
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Just tell him to build up his upper body strength, he'll need it as a planesman especially if the wrecking crew take down George (the auto-pilot) :)

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