Joining as a Medical Assistant (SM)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Slumberine, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Not me - one of my lads is joining in January.

    Any Medial Assistants here?

    Any advice you can give on the branch as a whole, the training etc, would be most welcome.

  2. Oh how things have changed.
  3. Yes, change is weird isn't it?
  4. Not weird, just noteworthy. Seems like change for the better,to be honest.
  5. MA ain't hard to do, I managed not to kill anyone in 11 years so that speaks volumes.
    Stood me in good stead to become a Paramedic in civvy street and good money to go with it.
    We won't explore where else it took me.
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  6. To the OP, I would never have missed the experience for anything. I have never experienced the loyalty and camaraderie I found as a member of a submarine's ship's company before I volunteered or since. The best years of my naval service.
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  7. Just tell him to build up his upper body strength, he'll need it as a planesman especially if the wrecking crew take down George (the auto-pilot) :)

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