Joining as a Logistics Supply officer

Hey all,

I am hoping to join as a Logistics Supply Officer immediately after finishing University and I am looking for a bit of advice.

1. Are recent graduates likely to be overlooked, in favour of people who have held jobs.

2. How competitive is the application process?

3. How soon can I sign up and get into training after I graduate (In July)?

If anyone know the answer to these I would appreciate your help! And if there are any logistics officers on here please could you get in touch so I can ask you a few more questions about the job :)

Cheers guys!
From what I know as I'm just at the post AIB stage, selection is very much based on your academic and work skills combined. Any work you've had that's relevant and can bring skills with it will be discussed further at the sift interview.
As far as I know there are usually two BRNC (RFA) intakes per year such as February and one later in the late summer.
Naturally I'm not in the role but feel free to PM me if you have any questions regarding the recruitment process!
Hi, I am still under training for the LSO role, first bit of advice would be to think about putting an application in and pre-empting the recruitment process. I waited a year from application to start training. Not sure about others on here?

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