Joining as a Holy Man


War Hero
If you can do the dance of the flaming *********, on stage, pissed, in front of your flock, then, and only then will become a legend. God finds many ways to tickle servicemen, starting a thread about the sky pilot probably isn't the cleverest pisstake, we hold them high in our strange little ways. **** with God and his main man and you're toast bro.
Why? It's a genuine question, I didn't say I was one.
All I do know about the job after speaking with the Bish on Ocean last year is that you have to have served as a parish priest for a minimum of 1-2 years first. No idea about the weapons bit. They may get a bit of basic training on how to clear a weapon but thats about it. I'm pretty sure that they are not allowed to carry Arms even in times of conflict. Geneva convention and all that.
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