Joining as a chef


Hi everyone. I apologise if any of these questions have already been answered.
Im currently in my last year of school (year 11) and im looking to join the Royal Navy. The catering services chef role appeals to me. One problem I have is that my family really don’t want me to join as a chef. How should I I go about telling them I’m going to join the navy doing this role? (Sorry if this sounds stupid)

Also, how are you drafted to a ship and shore base. Do you get a choice of where you are based and what ship you serve on or is it down to the Navy?

Thanks I’m advanced everyone and sorry if these questions seem stupid
My 16 year old son as just gone directly from school To HMS Raleigh For basic Training and hopes To progress To phase 2 as A apprentice chef
Explain To your parents over The next few months all The positives about doing what your actually keen on
Good luck prepare well and enjoy The experience

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