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Are chefs still trained to whistle inanely and out of tune???
Seriously, good friend of mine, writer on a war canoe we both served on. Now a top chef in a big London hotel.. so I would guess job prospects after the mob look quite promising!!!
(Still take the p1ss out of him) S&S whore!!!!


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I know the answer to your question and this isn't really the place to discuss it as it would be severe thread drift, but the point is that the stated perception of the cause which was given as a prediction has not been borne out, so the member has self-selected to withdraw and not been driven out. If they choose to return they would find it is not what they feared it would be.
A mate of mine (RAF Chef) did 6 years then left, due to leaving a relationship a few weeks before the wedding he had to get away from the N West pretty quick (she was from an Italian family). The training he received got him some top jobs on cruise ships and eventually as chef on a private yacht (only used few months a year) he lived on it in the med and had a great time.

Due to chance meetings and taking a punt on a few deals he was offered he's now a very rich man running recruitment agencies in catering, entertainment and during lockdown quickly set up a successful covid deep cleaning company.

He always said if he hadn't become a chef none of the doors would have opened for him.
Sounds like he’s done very well. Thanks for your response.


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I forced myself not to mention the pass-mark! Maybe the OP could invest in 'The Pusser's Cookbook' or similar title, which will go a long way towards explaining what various Naval foods are called, for example, Sh1t On a Raft (aka SOAR!) and others. Also the 'names' given to various things, like Commanche's Bollocks, Snorkers (we all know that one, right?), HITS and TITS, Spithead Pheasant............ the list goes on!

Just don't mention Dockyard Oysters!


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As long as he manages, cheesy hammy eggy, sh1t on a raft and baby's heads he'lll be fine. Qualified or not. If he does, as you say, he'll be the first!!!! Some accolade!!!!