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It's surface fleet. You should always bear in mind that the needs of the service come first so the answer to your question is yes, not just Chefs but any branch can be drafted where most needed.


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@Ninja_Stoker or anyone else that knows I have read that if you apply to be chef on service fleet that you not guaranteed to get it and might get put on submarines is this true?
It applies to all branches of the general service that have an equivalent role in the submarine service (ie pretty much everyone except Fleet Air Arm and Royal Marines).

You are no more likely to be drafted to submarines as a Chef in relation to any other branch but, it is a possibility although I think it's a good few years since we streamed personnel into the submarine service against their wishes.
Can I point out at this point that I was also drafted to boats against my wishes.

The fact I stayed on them for the next 30 years is irrelevant :)


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At least joining as a chef the training is easy, no one's passed the course yet...... only messing, easily the most important people on any ship, if you want to avoid submarines join as an Aircraft Handler, with a new carrier in service there will be sea time for the branch


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@Tookz There’s currently no requirement for surface fleet Chefs to be streamed against their wishes as submariners. Although it can’t be guaranteed it won’t happen in your (hopefully) long and rewarding career, I really don’t think it’ll happen it the foreseeable future.
You're not missing much. It's dark and smelly. :p
We have lights, which are frowned upon in bunkspace, enforce darkest aided by a steaming welly to the head.
Can I also point out that after 12 years as a skimmer I was sent to boats, against any drafting preferences, not wanting to make fuss, I stayed for 12 years
I was twatted on the back of my head by someone wielding a cudgel when I was coming out of Joannas in Southsea one night.. Woke up in HMS DOLPHIN with a shilling in my hand and a blinding headache. The rest is history.

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